List of 250+ Retail Companies With Links to Their Career Sites

Here is a list of 250+ retail companies in the Canada and the United States, with links to their career pages. The list was compiled by Michael Howard of
The purpose of this list is twofold: 
(a) to make it easy for job seekers to find the career pages for retailers they already know they'd like to work for, and, probably more importantly, 
(b) to help job-seekers expand their list of retailers they'd like to target. 

Today's retail news from around the web: August 1, 2014



Nordstrom to Fiercely Compete for Ottawa's Limited Luxury Consumers

Ottawa's new Nordstrom store will compete fiercely for the city's limited luxury spenders. The Rideau Centre location will include some of Nordstrom's priciest departments. Nordstrom will compete with Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen as a result, as it will with La Maison Simons when it opens in the same mall in 2016. Ottawa is affluent, but its shoppers are conservative. There will be fallout as a result, as each retailer competes in a market not accustomed to buying luxury items...

World's 2nd Largest Victoria's Secret Flagship to Replace Montreal Chapters Bookstore

The world's second largest Victoria's Secret location will replace Montreal's Chapters bookstore on busy Saint Catherine Street West. The roughly 35,000 square foot flagship will be located directly across the street from La Senza, owned by Victoria Secret's parent company. Chapters' Montreal location is the latest to shutter for the retailer, following the recent closure of three prominent Toronto stores...

Holt Renfrew segregates its menswear business

Holt Renfrew is upping its game in the face of increased competition. Its first free-standing menswear store will feature distinctive branding, as well as luxury innovations unavailable in other Canadian menswear stores. Opening this fall, Holt Renfrew Men will precede Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, both looking to make inroads into Canada's limited luxury market...