Home Outfitters to become Hudson's Bay Home

Home Outfitters will become Hudson's Bay Home, according to a leaked company memo. As a result, Canada's largest kitchen, bed and bath superstore will be merged into Hudson's Bay Company's Department Store Group. Several Home Outfitters locations may close as a result, while others will be extensively renovated to reflect the new branding...

Is it time for Target to exit Canada? Expert Discussion

Target, by its own admission, has made a mess of its business in Canada. The company has lost about a billion dollars since it began operating here and, while it has pledged to do better, not everyone is convinced it will. In fact, Credit Suisse has gone so far as to suggest that Target's new CEO, whomever that turns out to be, should seriously consider getting out of the Canadian market altogether...

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Why Many Retailers Have Consistently High Employee Turnover

Employee turnover affects every organization, across all industries and your company is no exception! Some industries are more prone to facing higher rates of turnover based on the types of roles they hire for or where they are located. With the recent economic improvements in the job market and the entrance of a new generation into the workforce, retail turnover rates have seen a steady rise over the last few years. How are you dealing with these factors?