Canadians Shopping in the States: Dangerous?

Wow. Maybe we should shop in Canada instead?
Today a reader emailed us, telling us he had an altercation at an American Costco store. The reader states: 

"My wife and I left [Costco] and were heading back to our car. We saw a guy close to our car door make a motion and quickly moved away as we approached. I had a funny feeling, looked down and my car door had been keyed. I yelled at the guy getting into his vehicle, and he actually got out, gave me the finger and said "you fucking Canadians are ruining our city". I couldn't believe it. I got his license plate number and filed a police report (which I don't think was taken seriously). I'm so shaken I think I'll shop in Surrey instead". 

Could shopping in the United States be dangerous for Canadians? This isn't the first time we've heard of this. In fact, it's starting to seem common. 


"It seems the Costco in Bellingham, Washington, has become exceedingly popular with Canadian shoppers to the dismay of locals who are claiming "gridlock" in the aisles. The store's proximity to the Canadian border means Canadian shoppers need only to drive 21 miles south to take advantage of the exchange rate and lower sales tax.
Angry locals have even created a Facebook page, "Bellingham Costco Needs a Special Time Just for Americans" which has received more than 4,800 "Likes." 
We've heard similar stories coming out of communities just over the border from parts of Southern Ontario. Canadians have been shopping in America in droves, drawn by our strong currency and less expensive American merchandise. 
We urge shoppers to be careful if heading to the United States to do their holiday shopping. Alternatively, why not stay in Canada and shop? It may cost slightly more but is it worth your car getting keyed or even worse, you and/or your family becoming a victim of violence? 
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