7 Great Tips to Write an Application Letter for Canadian College

By Jeff Blaylock

When writing an application letter for a college, it may seem a small task, but it could make all the difference. Thus, it's important to do everything in your power to ensure yours stands out. Canada is fast becoming a prevalent choice for many international students to pursue further studies. Nevertheless, compared to other destinations, the system in every other Canadian university is a bit different from other institutions. For example, many applicants think that voluntary experience and extra-curricular activities are essential things to include in their application, but in Canada, your grades are the determinants of whether your resume will be successful. Here are some great tips to consider when writing your letter;

1) Read the Instructions Carefully

The level of studies across the world and the education system is different. Thus, you need to read the instruction carefully when applying. For example, the application process in the US is different from Canada. In the US, you are required to write a university application essays while else in Canada, there is no entrance essay required for admission. Therefore, it's essential for the student to understand what is required and to familiarize with the instructions of the universities you are applying.

2) Essential Information Makes a Positive Impression

You need to keep in mind that there are thousands of applicants applying to the same universities as you, which means the admission committee will go through many other letters. Naturally, they have only a few minutes to go through your letter, therefore ensure your request captures the attention of the person going through your documents in a second. Endeavor to make it appear more comprehensive and impressive than the rest. Remember your application letter is not an autobiography thus don't approach in that way. It's just a summary of your academic achievements and qualifications.

Just treat it as a focused and a comprehensive reference of your academic history. If you are applying for a university that requires an application essay, it is normal to be worried about how to write a college essay. However, there are numerous reliable writing services providers where you can pay someone to write your paper that will get you that spot you are eyeing. It is also important to remember that there are other attributes that are considered and this include professional & academic skills, creative capabilities, interpersonal skills, excellent communication, and delivered responsibilities which will make your letter stand out from other applicants.

Ensure your Experiences Runs in Descending Order

Even if you may have some few experiences, ensure the few you have run in their descending order. Meaning, you begin with the most recent ones as you work your way backwards.

3) Be Brief

Keep it short. After all, your experience is not that much yet. If you have to go to the second page, ensure your content is worth it. A lot of blank space will give your application a bad appearance. Also, on top of the second page, ensure you put –the header as the personal information in case it gets separated. Writing a great application letter will give the admission officer a chance to learn more of your personality and your unique abilities.

4) Be Consistent In Your Writing

To make it easier for the admission officer use the same name in all your forms. Choose to use either your middle name or shortened version of your legal name. For example, switching name from Willy to William may increase chances of getting your materials misfiled. Also if you are using abbreviations, capitalization and periods, stick to the same format all through. The same should apply when using italics, bold font and dates. Maintain the same font style and spacing between sections.

5) Be Formal and Professional

In your letter, be as professionals as possible.  First, include a proper salutation. If you have the title or the name of the contact person, include them, or you can indicate "Dear Application Committee." Then state the purpose of your application immediately, as in "Please consider my application to……" when concluding, this common phrase works well at the end of the letter: "Thank you for your consideration. Then conclude with your name and signature.

6) Proofread

Don't only rely on a glance; go through your letter several times. You can leave it sometimes and revise it later when you are fresh. This way you will be in a position to point out any typos and errors. Also, you can hire someone to edit or give it to someone else to re-read it. Remember, how close your letter is to perfection, the higher are your chances of getting the admission letter you need so badly.

The Bottom Line

Remember that the first impression is the final impression and to the admission committee; they consider your application as your first impression. It does all the talking on your behalf. Thus, ensure it casts a favorable impression.  As a college applicant, your letter should be a summary of you at that point in your life. Make it easy to read and scan as you make yourself memorable. It helps your request to stand out among many other applicants. Ensure it follows an appropriate format. Even though you don't have to add everything, ensure you include relevant accomplishments and experiences that will make your recruiter choose to accept you. Finally, don't make anything up or exaggerate anything. Be professional and honest.

Jeff Blaylock Bio

Jeff Blaylock is an ardent copywriter offering ghostwriting services and coaching. His educational background has given him a comprehensive base from which to approach different topics. He also helps students prepare their application resumes when joining colleges and universities.