Why Do Students Need To Visit Educational Student Conferences?

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Educational conferences are not only great for scientists and researchers, but also for students. Academic institutions highly encourage research students to take part in conferences in their field of study. Apart from the 8-10 minute presentation by an academician, there is so much you can learn from an educational forum. Here are 5 reasons why you should attend a conference this year.

1.     Learning

An academic conference offers you the chance to learn new trends and ideas in your field of study. You get to listen to different scientists and researchers present their work. This might expose you to new data, equipment and techniques.

2.     Networking

Attending a conference allows you to build relationships with scientists, academicians and students in your field of study. You can discuss new concepts or brainstorm on solutions to problems affecting your specialization. By interacting with experts, you can learn practical tips on how to improve your research paper writing skills.

By joining a convention, you allow explore a new environment for learning ideas. Being in the same room with mentors and experts can be intimidating at first. Not only does it allow you to interact more with people, but it gives you new approaches to being effective in your studies.

3.     Career information

Taking part in a convention will help you decide on the career path you want to take. With different submissions from Universities, Governmental Institutions and Private Companies, you can decide to pursue a job in academia or join the private sector.

You get to find out more about organizations in the same or similar field of study. Be on the lookout for companies that provide survey writing or research jobs for students. With such an opportunity you can earn an income while you pursue your degree.

4.     Publication

Having a theoretical framework or literature review to present may have your work included in an academic journal. This is a great way to get recognition from other scholars.

If preparing for your paper submission makes it hard to complete your assignment, seek professional help, buy a research paper and get time to work on your presentation.

5.     Have fun

What better way to have fun and study at the same time? Conventions add a layer of excitement to learning. Studying all semester might have you worn out. You get to make amazing connections with other students and meet your favorite mentors.

All the techniques you learn from a forum provide a mental boost which makes it easy for you to write your own research paper.

5 Conferences to attend in 2019

1.     O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence

This is a great forum for students interested in Artificial Intelligence. The event will be in New York, USA from 15th – 18th April 2019. There is a student discount available. Among the incredible list of keynote speakers is Yangqing Jia- Facebook AI Engineering Director and Christine Foster-Alan Turing Institute.

2.     MIRDEC Social Science Forum

Social science students have an opportunity to meet professionals and researchers in their field. The presentation will include all social science disciplines such as Globalization studies, Education, International Business, Economics and, Heritage and art.

This convention will be on 2nd – 4th April 2019, in Rome.

3.     International Conference On Environmental Science And Development

This happens to be one of the longest running forums, with this year’s edition being the 551st academic convention. For 2019, the forum will be in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 1st – 2nd March.

The forum helps researchers, scientists and scholars to share ideas and research findings on different projects under Environmental Science and Development. You will learn about new technologies and challenges affecting the same field of study.

4.     South East Coastal Conference On Languages And Literatures

For students pursuing degrees in Language and Literature, this is a great chance to listen to new ideas from scholars. The forum will cover topics in Comparative Literature, Hispanic Linguistics, special topics in literature and Pedagogy.

The event provides a friendly environment for educators to engage in productive discussions. You can attend this forum from 11th -12th April 2019, in Savannah, Georgia.

5.     Computer Vision And Pattern Recognition

Long Beach, California is the destination of the 2019 forum on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.  You can plan to attend from 16th – 21st June. IEEE and Computer Vision Foundation are the event sponsors.

This highly technical conference is great for students in Computer Science and Software Engineering. The presentation will include research work from practitioners in both the private industry and academia. The topics will concentrate on the techniques and innovations in Computer Vision.

Apart from panel presentations, the attendants will have an opportunity to explore workshops, demos and tutorials. There will also be an online job board where students can apply for research internship positions.