5 Things to Do When You’re Bored and Stressed Out

Have you reached a point in life where everything is out of control? Like there are a bunch of tasks to do, but there’s only a little time to finish it? No matter how much you tried to organize and schedule these things, you still end up slacking?

Maybe the things that keep you from finishing all of these is because of thousands of hindrances; you need time to take care of the kids or your newborn, struggling to have a breathing space in cash crisis, or you have a stressful and exhausting job.

There are days, months and even years that life becomes stretching and tiresome. When desperate, you end up wishing if only you can run away from the chaos; where you’ll find a more peaceful place, in harmony and out of misery.

If you have experienced this bitter chapter of your life, now the right time to smoothen everything and bounce back! I highly recommend you to do things, it may look impossible to attain, but believe me, these are all worth your time and effort. Make a drastic change in your life, and achieve a good habit!

1) Maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen.

The first thing that would help your environment in place is when you keep your kitchen from disorganized, thus keeping them clean at all times. Everything in the corners of your house feels like clean, once you clean your kitchen, too.

You don’t need to literally change the organization system of your kitchen, at least do something that will make them look organized. For a day, make sure the kitchen is clean twice. Before going to bed, make sure all the dishes are washed, and the condiments and other cooking pans are in its proper places.

Then in the morning, don’t leave your dirty plates and table unclean and messy before going to work. This will refrain rats and cockroaches to feast on your unclean kitchen items.

2) Make your bed.

Truthfully, when we wake up, oftentimes we don’t arrange our bed and leave it in mess. However, that habit just reflects our laziness. This may look pretty hard to achieve, but believe me, it’s not what you think it is. Whenever you make your bed, it sends a message to your body to be active because it’s another day and this keeps you from getting sleepy again. Seeing your room so clean and organized after a long-day from work or school, it relieves our stress, and it actually works! Make this as a habit, then you’ll find yourself naturally doing it every single day!

3) Get comfortably dressed.

This may sound irrelevant from what I have mentioned earlier, but dressing yourself to the life you want to have significantly changed some point in your life. Research has found that when you comfortable of the way you’re dressed, it’ll boost your confidence towards others that’s why some people would really recognize it and says that you’re blooming today.

When you put attention to this, it’ll keep you motivated to mix and match your clothes. For me, when I feel good on my outfit-of-the-day (OOTD), it adds my productivity and general perspective of life. Regardless if you’ve acquired those dresses with the help of a good licensed cash lender or one of your personal credit card. If your dress will make you feel happy inside, it will resonate and get you out from being too stressed.

4) Do only one load of laundry a week?

When you wash your dirty clothes, do it all at once; because when you do it every single day, it only minimizes your time that could’ve been used in other things. It’s like finishing a whole bunch of filthy clothes then when the weekend comes, you’ll see yourself having a good tea in front of your favorite porch while enjoying the scenic view outside your house. Yes, that’ll happen when you do one load of laundry a week. It may be a tough job but it’s worth the washing and unloading of a washing machine. There are several articles online that you can read on if you want to know more about household hacks and effective tips. This is possible and you can do it!

5) Write a concise to-do list.

If you haven’t plan anything yet, you can still make use of your time by doing a short to-do list. There’s still a huge possibility that you’ll be able to accomplish this goal of yours. Determine before-hand your top priorities, before starting your day. Contemplate and measure the timespan of the activities and tasks you have to finish. At least take not more than 7 of tasks per day or else you’ll end up frustrated with it.

Extra Tip!

Carve out a small time every day and at least spare 5 to 15 minutes to the things you want to do for yourself. In this way, you’ll compensate yourself to a job well done every after you’ve finished the tasks I’ve mentioned above.