Business Ideas for Students with Small Budget?

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Have you ever thought of how to start a business in college? We bet you did. Many students contemplate about starting something on their own before they graduate to follow the example of famous billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. You may have thousands of ideas floating in your head, but the real life may turn them down because realization is quite expensive. Nevertheless, there are some options you may use, and they are quite cheap and do not need huge investments in the beginning. That is why we decided to give you some ideas on how you can start your own business having a small budget.

Online sales

Global market is full of opportunities, especially when it comes to retail trade. Using such platforms as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay you can easily make orders of certain categories of products and sell them in your country with high margin. The most popular way is to sell something manufactured abroad at a low price and sell it in your home country for higher. This is one of the most popular businesses to start in college. You can begin with the small quantities re-selling stuff like covers for iPhones and then earn more and go with a wider range of items. Also in terms of marketing, you won`t need any website if you do not want to. You simply can push it through your social media account on Facebook or Instagram.

Writing services

Every day millions of students use the Internet to buy an essay online to save more time for themselves. The numbers of those who do not want to bother themselves with such a dull job as writing papers is growing, and so the demand is huge. Suppose you live in the USA or Canada and you do not want to have any trouble with your college, then you can easily start essay writing service for students in Canada or the USA. You will have to launch a website, learn more about the requirements for essay writing in Canada, hire two or three authors and set an adequate price. This is the easiest way to earn money. The only problem will be setting up the limit of topics and plagiarism – this is why it is vital to check every work you deliver to the client.

Delivery services

Every campus in the college uses delivery services. Students move from place to place or simply order the food. If you can deliver everything, especially if it is food in the middle of the night – then you can gain your clientele very quickly. For that, you will need a transport and GPS to know your destinations.


Freelance is one of the best ways to earn some money. If you are into design, programming, text writing or other stuff, you can easily apply for any freelance job through dozens of websites that offer you such opportunities. The job is not connected to the regular office schedule, and you can set up your limits and responsibilities. If you do not have any working experience, this may become an additional section in your CV.

Baby and pet sitting

If you have a free minute after the classes and you enjoy walking in the park then why not to do this with the dog or baby company? Pet owners are very generous when it comes to taking care of their little friends. Of course, you need to be extremely careful with them and watch after what they eat and where they go. Taking care of babies is more complicated and time-consuming, but it can give you valuable experience for the future. There is always someone in the neighborhood, who will ask for the help of a babysitter.


If you like to take pictures and generally good with camera, this is what you need. There are many young people who will be eager to pay you for a fancy photo session. The only thing you need is a studio and equipment to work on shots. Everything else is sheer inspiration and art. 

Street food

Hipster culture is fond of street food and especially a healthy one. If you have an opportunity to buy a food truck you can easily develop your startup by participating in food festivals, concerts, fairs, etc. Try to create a unique and cheap menu that will attract people in the street. There is no need to have experience in catering or hospitality you need to love cooking and know how to do it well. The spot for your trade will not be a problem, as you can park the truck almost anywhere.

Before you decide to start a business in college, do some market research. Study your potential clients and estimate your abilities precisely. Remember, every business requires a lot of time, and it may have an impact on your studies. Analyze everything and start doing something, as the first step depends on you.