4 fantastic digital marketing strategies for increasing custom


When it comes to retail, your primary focus should be growing your customer base.

However, with so many ways to market your store, choosing the most effective methods can be difficult.

So here are four fantastic retail marketing strategies that will help boost your customer numbers.

1.   Using your assets

Start by using the assets you already have. So get your marvellous merchandise on display by presenting creative, eye-catching window and store displays that draw people into your store.

Other key assets are your employees – you need to treat them well and offer them benefits for their efforts. Treating employees well improves their performance and motivation, as well as enhancing your brand reputation with customers.

2.   Social media 

There are lots of social media channels out there (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc..). However, to ensure that you dedicate the necessary time and attention, you should focus your efforts on just a few.

Two excellent platforms for retail are Pinterest and Instagram, as these are geared towards visual content such as phots and videos, making them the ideal place to showcase your products.

Pinterest has an added edge as a platform for consumers, as they use it to research before purchasing. So if you can create aesthetically pleasing picture boards, that makes it easy for users to navigate your products and you’re on to a winner.

This DNM article on using social media to drive retail sales will help you choose the right social media for your business.

3.   Email marketing

Email marketing is a dominant force when it comes to acquiring customers. There are less distractions in an email inbox and your email is delivered directly to the intended recipient.

You can use email to segment your mail list subscribers into groups based on shared characteristics, then target your marketing efforts more effectively. For instance, you can send emails with first-time buyer offers to those who have yet to purchase.

For up to date statistics on email marketing in the retail industry, check out this report from Campaign Monitor.

4.   Key partnerships

Partnerships are an effective way to promote your brand name to a wider audience.

Customers like brands that care, so partnering with a charity and organising an event such as a fundraiser is a good idea. This shows that you’re a brand that cares about societal issues, whilst also increasing the reach of your brand. 

You should also consider partnering with a marketing agency. In doing so, you’ll have access to experts who carry the burden of running your promotional campaigns. There are plenty of agencies out there, but for the best ROI you should partner with a marketing agency like Attercopia which specialises in multiple areas such as content marketing, website development and SEO.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to increasing the number of customers for your retail business. So stay focused, seek the necessary expertise and the customers will come flooding in.

That’s our list. Share you retail marketing strategies in the comments section.