Company Blog in a Rut? Try These Content Production Hacks


Running a company blog is rewarding as it will take a life of itself under your direction. If you are given the creative freedom to put your fingerprint on it in a matter of months.

With all of this being said it can be quite difficult in a variety of ways. Coming up with interesting content week after week and getting writers for the blog to turn in their posts on time can turn into a hide and seek game.

Managing these problems will not always be easy but there are ways to make your job much easier. The following are some tactics you can use to have some fun as well as relieve some of your stress from your everyday job.

Give the Readers What They Want

Ideation for posts on a weekly basis can be one of the most painful things a blog editor has to endure. Putting a fresh spin on the same topics or branching out to new topics can be quite difficult. Readers and existing customers are your target demographic so the topics they suggest can appeal to potential customers.

There might come a time where one of these readers wants to try their hand at writing an article, this can build reader loyalty as well as customer loyalty. As long as the person is a decent enough writer, management will be more than happy to give them a weekly column. The blogs purpose is to develop a brand awareness/brand voice as well as to interact with existing and new customers. The fact that the blog will be receiving free content is the kicker in that situation.

Holidays Can Save an Otherwise Boring Content Calendar

Holidays can be used to make funny or interesting posts as it gives a different perspective. A great example of a company having fun with some blog content is using Halloween. Something as simple as showing how people in the industry are dressing up (even competitors) can help humanize a large corporation or even help put faces to names.

Another more informative type of content could be “How You Should Market This Christmas Season”. This topic takes advantage of the holiday while also informing readers. The content itself doesn’t have to be unique because this spin will grab the eyes of readers and we all know everyone loves a holiday centerpiece.

Take a Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing


When wondering what topic to tackle next you should take a look at your competitor’s blog. While you do not want to steal content, you can take a fresh stance on an old topic that they have covered. For example, a marketing company might have a different view on interactive content or SEO.

Comparing these views can be an easy way to show off some knowledge while distinguishing the company from the competitor. Another great thing to do is to see which posts garnered the most engagement via comments and social shares. These topics obviously strike a nerve with readers and any blog editor knows that content should bring about some kind of emotional response. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and then do it with your brand voice at a higher level.

Write Something That Is Fun Once in a While

The fact is that not all industries are going to be interesting to write about. Creative minds will prevail since nearly everything can be spun to be interesting or even funny.

For example, an auto-based company might ask english essay writing serviсe to write something about "Driving Pet Peeves” on Fridays. A weekly article that a blog editor gets to write that is fun can be something to look forward to during the week. These fun articles can also be informative as well so before all of you editors go out and write a comedic piece, remember that the main purpose of the blog is to inform and drive leads as well as brand awareness.

Don’t Underestimate Guides or Resources

Writing out guides for certain things or just simply having a resource on your blog can be a great way to bring in traffic day after day. This resource should be evergreen or updated as your company or industry is changing. A vehicle-based business might want to have a guide on purchasing electric vehicles.

Although these vehicles have been around for some time, they are finally becoming affordable for more people. Educating customer and readers should be at the forefront of the blog editor’s mind. Educated potential customers are easier to deal with and those who have gotten their education from your company blog are more likely to convert into a paying customer.

Written Content Is Great but Don’t Limit Yourself to Just That

Testing out other types of content like podcasts or interactive content can garner a lot of attention. Airbnb does a great job of this as their content has gone viral on numerous occasions. While they do not need the brand awareness that many companies do, it shows that even the larger companies like to test out other forms of content.

In the cases of podcasts, this can be a great time to interact with listeners by using a custom hashtag on Twitter. This will allow listeners to comment and have their questions answered that the podcasts bring up. Written content is great but not all of your blog’s visitors are going to be interested in just another article. Step up your game and deliver something different to keep visitors coming back time after time.

There are plenty of things that can be done to make your job easier when running the company blog. Do not be afraid to ask for help if it is needed. Upper management realizes the importance of this marketing tool. Something as simple as getting some money for a budget to pay some outside writers can make a huge difference.

Many writers will even do this for free just to add a reputable company’s blog to their portfolio of published pieces. Be the voice of the brand that delivers results and keeps the readers coming back as well as getting new readers visiting. Write content that converts and you will have job security like no other person at your company.