How to improve self-esteem in 3 easy steps

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Self-esteem is an abstract concept that doesn’t have a clear definition. That is why different people have a completely different understanding of it. Some think that self-estimation is your appearance or the way others see you. Some people think that being slim and having no visual imperfections is a way to have self-estimation, while other people think that have high estimation is necessary to achieve something in your life.

However, if you decide to put it simply, self-esteem will mean the way how we appreciate ourselves with all of the mistakes, faults, fears, and so on. Look at people from Asia or Africa: they don’t seem to worry about self-esteem. The reason is simple: they are not so concerned about materialistic issues, like we in America or Europe do. For example, they don’t evaluate themselves based on the car they drive, the college their children attend, and so on.

The only difference between a person with high self-estimation and a person with a low one is that the first understands strong and weak sides of personality and can work on all the mistakes becoming better. That is why in today’s article from Buy Essay Club service, we will talk about the ways to improve self-esteem and to lead a happier life.

Isn’t it great to live life appreciating yourself, being proud of all of the achievements and skills? A person with healthy esteem understands that his flaws and mistakes don’t occupy a big part in life.

Importance of building a strong self-esteem

Here are only some of the reasons why it is so important to build healthy self-esteem:

-        Your life will become much easier


When you start putting yourself first, it will be easier to achieve your goals, overcome mistakes and obstacles, and to improve yourself

-        You will reach inner harmony

When you start loving yourself, you won’t need others to evaluate you and to give you attention.  You will be self-sufficient and at peace.

In such a case, your life is no longer a roller coaster, and you stop worrying about what other people may think about you.

-        You will stop treating yourself as an enemy

It is not a secret that we are our worst enemies. However, when you start working on your self-estimation, it becomes simpler to feel that you deserve all the best.

With such an approach, you will be more eager to achieve your goals and to chase your dreams. Once you do that it will become much simpler to praise yourself and to feel that you deserve only good things.

-        You’ll build healthy relationships

When your self-estimation is healthy, you will get not only the benefits that we have mentioned above but will also be more stable in complex situations. You will be able to give more avoiding unnecessary drama, fights, and arguments.

Avoiding stress and being able to build a calm relationship is very appealing, either it is friendship or a working relationship.

-        You will become happier!

As a result, you will be happier and will enjoy life not depending on the circumstances. I have already completed this path and am ready to share my secrets with you!

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The most useful steps to creating a solid self-esteem

Understand yourself

It is impossible to fix the things that you do not know. It is the basic concept of CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and allows you to understand your inner problems and explain thoughts.

This rule is also applicable to self-estimation. We often tell ourselves that we worth nothing. However, it is simple to get lost in such thoughts that lead to depression and stress. Yes, you can tell yourself that you have made a mistake, but there is nothing bad with it, and you can fix everything.

Open a Word document or take a piece of paper. Divide the page into two columns, one of which will be for your strengths and one for your weaknesses. Make yourself to write 10 points in every column. If you have a low self-estimation, it may be challenging to find ten strengths, but you need to do it.

If you can’t think of them yourself, try to remember what other people said about you. For example, ‘Your bedtime story was a lot of fun!’ ‘Your apple pie is the best.’ Even if such strengths seem unimportant or too small, they still count.

This piece of paper is a great way to show you everything that you tell yourself every day: about the things you don`t like and like in yourself.

Remember that it is possible to deal with all of your weaknesses with a proper approach. Change them one at a time, devoting at least a month for every weakness. Keep in mind that it is impossible to change yourself in a day, so be patient and follow your plan!

Study yourself

Self-exploration is a very difficult but yet fruitful and rewarding process. If you ask happy and harmonious people about their secret, they will surely say that it lies in a long and difficult process of understanding themselves, their needs, and desires. This isn’t just about understanding your strong and weak sides but about being open to new experiences and thoughts, welcoming new relationships and points of view to your life.

When we have low self-esteem, we think that we can’t be useful for society or to the world around us. However, the truth is that we simply didn’t dig too deep to see what we really have to offer. They are yet to be discovered and learned.

This path is quite challenging and filled with mistakes or wrong turns. However, it is the price we will need to pay to become better versions of ourselves. Without trying new things and risking we won’t be able to discover our inner selves and to see that we bear a whole universe inside.

Never compare yourself to others

We are living in the times when social media dictate how we should look or what we must wear. Every day we see successful people who live happy lives, drive the cars we crave or travel to the places we have always wanted to see.

We constantly compare ourselves to others: I have 100 followers on Instagram, while Jane has 2800; my neighbor’s lawn is perfect, while mine is untidy and messy; John has a huge house while I live in a small apartment; I need to lose weight and Anna looks perfect in that tiny swimming suite.

Such comparisons hurt our feelings, and the more we look at others, the lower our self-esteem becomes.

You need to do your best and to stop comparing. This stage is the most difficult but also the most rewarding. If you want to compete, do it against yourself. You don’t know about the lives of others, as you didn’t walk in their own shoes.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, high self-esteem doesn’t fall from a tree, so you need to cultivate it and understand your own needs and feelings in order to live a harmonious and happy life. If you still don’t know how to start, just follow the tips we have mentioned above. Good luck!