Smart Home Mobile App Review - Ecobee vs. Nest


Nest and ecobee are two of the most popular smart thermostats on the market. They are equipped with sensors, advanced algorithms, Wi-Fi and much more. One of the key features of these thermostats is the ability to remotely control your home’s temperature using apps that are downloaded on your mobile device.

If you have a data or Wi-Fi connection, you can turn the heat up so it’s cozy before you get home from work or check to make sure your home is the proper temperature when you’re away on vacation halfway across the world.

The Nest and ecobee apps can do much more than simply change the temperature, however. Depending on what kind of thermostat you’re looking for, the app capabilities could be the biggest selling point.

User Interface

First impressions are important, and the way an app looks and operates is going to be a crucial part of its success with users. Companies like iPropertyManagement have found that your experience with these apps will depend on how easily you can find the options you’re looking for and how well it performs.

When it comes to Nest vs ecobee regarding user-friendliness, which one keeps the customer at the forefront of their design?

The ecobee app is very easy to navigate and understand. The attention to detail shows how much time was spent crafting this app to the needs of the customer. The interface looks very similar to the interface of an actual thermostat so users instantly feel familiar with it, and can find the options they are looking for a bit easier.

The Nest thermostat has an interface that is easy to navigate and gentle on the eyes, but the mobile app is a drastic contrast. The app interface looks almost unrecognizable compared to the lovely displays and enhanced colors you’ll find on the thermostat itself.

The apps mirror the experiences of the thermostats in some respect. The ecobee is well-suited for people who like to tinker and learn how to control every part of how the thermostat operates and their app shows that with its design. The Nest app has a learning curve because of the “set it and forget it” approach of the thermostat. You can choose not to touch the app at all and it will learn your behaviors on its own.


The mobile app included is the best way to harness the full capabilities of what these smart devices can do.

Both apps allow you to adjust the temperature of your home remotely and provide energy profiles that show you how much energy is being used or saved. They also both have geofencing capabilities that detect when you (technically your phone) are home, but each has a few unique features.

The Nest app allows you to control scheduling, turn on the fan, and set a Sunblock option to let your thermostat know when it is near a window so it doesn’t overcompensate. It will send you alerts via text if the house is too hot or too cold and lets you know when the temperature you’ve set is optimal for saving energy. It also supports its other Nest smart devices including: cameras, security system, smoke alarm and doorbell.

Nest doesn’t do well with Apple products and does not support Apple’s HomeKit due to the fact that Nest is owned by Google. You won’t be able to use Siri or any smart devices in the Apple Home App. However, as Nest is a leader in this market, many devices have integrations that work well with Nest outside of their branded products.

The ecobee mobile app is also powered with features that take your thermostat to the next level. The thermostat itself can be setup using the app fairly quickly. On the app you can see the patterns ecobee has learned about you, savings and how your usage compares to the other people in your home. You can easily create schedules and can even set the levels of humidity in your home.


In this category, both have had their ups and downs when it comes to bugs. There have been users that report the Nest app makes them log in each and every time and that the changes made through the app do not register with the unit. The same is true of the ecobee.

As the technology gets updated, we are pretty sure the app performance for both will only increase.


Right from the start, the ecobee app is intuitive and the setup process is exactly the same as the thermostat. Nest, on the other hand, may take some getting used to.

Other than the interface, once you learn either, both offer similar features to play around with and both perform decently. If your Wi-Fi or data connection is strong, you’ll have no problem managing either.

Overall, when it comes to their apps, the Nest vs ecobee debate really comes down to the thermostats themselves. If you want more control and have an Apple product, ecobee is great, but if you want a more no-hands experience, Nest is a good option.