The 5 Secret Joys of Casino Gambling

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Winning might be the main thrill of gambling, but there are plenty of other reasons why people head to the casino. From the social aspect of spending time with likeminded people to the joy you get from winning a game, casinos are enormously popular the world over for good reason. Here are five joys that people who gamble cite as the reason they take part in casino games that you might not have thought about.

Being in Control

The outcome of a gamble might be down to chance, but when you gamble, you’re in control of what you play, how much you risk, how you choose to play and virtually every other aspect besides the result. Even choosing when to stop playing is a decision that the individual makes that enhances this feeling. It may seem odd that games based on luck help people to feel this way, but this feeling of control is incredibly thrilling for gamblers and one of the reasons why so many people enjoy heading to the casino, or gambling online with websites such as Timeform.

Small Wins and Little Victories


Everyone likes to win from time to time when they’re gambling, but some of the biggest secret joys actually come from the small victories. For example, when you learn every aspect of a blackjack basic strategy without having to refer to a strategy chart or when you memorise the tricks behind a certain game that has eluded you for months. Those feelings of accomplishment are certain to make you happy.

The Social Side

Not everyone wants to talk at a casino, but casinos tend to be packed with people who are happy to interact and in today’s isolated world, this can make for a great contrast. The casino immerses you in an environment with countless other people who are there for reasons just like you, so it’s a great place to chat to new people and take part in conversations around the poker table.

Beating the Casino

Everyone knows that the casino has the edge in a gambling situation but when you manage to beat that advantage, it makes for a great feeling. Any time you’re able to win by choosing a game with a low house edge or by make use of the best strategy, it provides a win that is altogether more satisfying and leaves you feeling powerful.

An Escape from the World

One of the main reasons why casinos are so popular is that they offer an escape from reality for a brief part of the day. When things aren’t going well and you’re stressed by work or it feels like things are piling up on you, taking time out to enjoy some casino games and have fun is a great way to unwind and leave your cares at the door – even if it’s just for a little while. And if you manage to get lucky with a little, or big, win while you’re there, it’s sure to turn your mood around.