9 Retail Display Ideas to Boost Sales

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What if one small change could transform your retail sales?

When it comes to retail, an eye-catching display is a great way to sell more products. But to seriously boost your sales, you need to come up with some serious retail display ideas.

Wondering where you can find inspiration before you create your next displays? Keep reading to discover our top retail display ideas!

1. Go Immersive

One question that many retailers have about displays is how a small display can entice customers. One solution to this is to go bigger and more immersive.

For example, your displays should not feel like little islands unto themselves. Instead, some of them should integrate with the area around them for a more immersive effect.

Maybe your display selling coats can be placed in front of a poster with snow on it. Both the poster and display can use the same colors as the surrounding walls.

The overall effect turns a small display into a larger and more inviting space. Customers will be interested in walking into this space and enjoying a unique retail experience.

2. Change It Up

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with your displays except for one thing. They are too old!

Customers are excited by change. Frequently changing up your displays gives the impression that you have new products, even if you're selling the same things.

We recommend changing up your displays at least once a month. This rewards frequent customers because they will discover something new in your store throughout the year.

These changes are also a great way to try out some new display formats. For instance, you can use different display cabinets to highlight the products and really transform your store!

3. Go Interactive

Hollywood writers live by a simple rule: "show, don't tell." In the world of retail, that translates to some equally simple advice: give your customers interactive displays.

Many customers are naturally skeptical about how well a product will work. But once they can hold the product and inspect it, their doubts will melt away.

Furthermore, interactivity helps make connections with customers. Once they hold a product in the store, they'll want to hold it at home.

4. Color Coordinated

Want to hear a rookie retail mistake? Using monochromatic displays.

It's tempting to group all of the items in a display by a single color. But the final result is actually off-putting to customers.

Think of it like putting on clothes in the morning. Chances are that you don't wear all one color. Instead, you add different colors to create pleasant pops of contrast.

You can get the same results with your displays. Use contrasting colors to catch customers' eyes and build their attention. If you're not sure what makes a good contrast, check out a color wheel.

5. Plant Power

We mostly think of displays in terms of products. But to really improve your display game, you'll need to start going "green."

Plants are a powerful addition to almost any display. And they bring a number of surprising benefits for you and your customers.

First of all, they are a natural way of adding that pop of contrasting color we mentioned earlier. And they improve the air quality inside your store, helping everyone to literally breathe easier.

And customers tend to associate plants with qualities like "fresh" and "clean." So adding a few plants to your displays is like giving your entire store image a renovation.

6. What Not to Do

So far, we have focused on what to do to improve your sales. It's worth answering the natural question: is there anything you shouldn't do with displays?

There's only one thing to avoid at all costs. Don't put up signs telling your customers to not touch anything.

Managers who put such signs up imagine they are protecting their products. However, these signs are actually the kiss of death when it comes to your sales.

Why? These signs keep people away from the display. They push people away when your whole goal is to make the products and displays seem more inviting.

7. Cross-Merchandising

It's entirely possible to build an engaging display for a single product. However, you will have much more success if you engage in some cross-merchandising.

With cross-merchandising, you display different products that go well together. For example, a clothing store may show how a t-shirt, hoodie, and jacket can create a very stylish and layered appearance.

Alternately, you can find things that are relevant in other ways. One easy example is placing your gift cards next to your birthday cards.

Experiment with cross-merchandising opportunities every month and see how your customers respond.

8. Surprise Props

Sometimes, the best retail advice defies logical expectations. A great example of this is how much customers love a good surprise in their displays.

Maybe you have a child's mannequin that is showing off the latest winter fashion. As part of the display, you might have the child holding a stuffed polar bear toy.

It's true that "toys" and "fashion" don't naturally go together. But there is a thematic connection, and the surprising joy of finding a cute bear toy might prompt a sale.

9. Informative Display

Want to know what customers can never get enough of? Information.

This is why customers are so hungry for things like user reviews and Youtube unboxing videos. They ultimately want more information about the product before they buy it.

You can take advantage of this need for info by creating informative displays. This includes signage that explains how to use the product or simply offers cool background info about the company.

Additionally, providing this info upfront creates trust between the customer and your store. Such trust naturally promotes sales.

Retail Display Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you have inspiration for some amazing retail display ideas. But do you know how you can get more inspiration every week?

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