Canada's First Cannabis Beer: How Quick Can it Hit You?


Canada is home to creative and brilliant minds, inventing such products that are quite useful until today. Such inventions include the paint roller, garbage bag and the pager (it's handy until the rise of smartphones). Canadians are even the mastermind and pioneers of using road lines to reduce road accidents. Also, believe it or not, the sport of basketball was also born from the mind of a Canadian. Yes, a man invented it in Massachusetts, but that man was the Canadian James Naismith. 

The Canadians even pushed their creativity in terms of marijuana, adding a new category in the several marijuana-infused products that already exist. Yes, there are already various products already circulating the market, particularly CBD oil products. You can check this website and learn more about CBD oils. Aside from oil products, there are also lotions and more. Now, cannabis beer joins the market.

Cannabis beer? Sounds interesting!

When it comes to marijuana, Canada seems to be centuries ahead than any country in the world – especially in terms of coolness. First of all, Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use. Not only is this plant legalized in selected states, but the entire country of Canada. This act makes Canada the second country to do the legalization after Uruguay. Subsequently, the country has made announcements of legalizing marijuana edibles as soon as possible. Inline to their plans, the country had just announced that they are the first ones to enjoy a beer made from cannabis.

According to the reports of the Guardian, Canadian breweries have become focused on making cannabis beers, as soon as lawmakers legalized marijuana in entire Canada. Scientists in a small laboratory in Ontario are experimenting with fermentation and keeps on testing enzymes. Their methods are not new. However, their focus is intensive. There are allegedly cannabis beers, which just contained with THC and CBD oils. However, one particular start-up known as "Province Brands" in Toronto, is brewing beers with the entire cannabis plant. Province Brands was reportedly the first one to use it all – stems, stalks and more.


Province Brands: Let's brew some cannabis beer!

The brewery has indeed had a rough going start. There are loads of doubts and challenges of brewing the cannabis into a beer alternative. The CEO of Province Brands Dooma Wendschuh has stated that all the things that they first come up with tasted bad. "It tasted like rotten broccoli," he added. However, thanks to the hard work of their chemists, they were able to unlock the perfect combination of water, yeast, hops, and of course, cannabis. They were finally able to produce a cannabis beer that is savory and dry and gluten-free. The beer is even less sweet than the usual beer flavor – and offers a high.

Dooma Wendschuh hailed from Miami. He then moved to Toronto last 2016, hoping that he could capitalize on Canada's plans to legalize marijuana and create a substitute for typical beers. 

According to Wendschuh, the idea came from the question "can they create something that can serve the same role as the alcohol in society." Also, if they can do it using the monumental changes that are currently happening in the world." Additionally, the CEO couldn't think of another place to do this kind of business. Canada is the ideal location, as it already leads in terms of industries that are revolving around medical cannabis. Moreover, Canada is expected to continue its lead in terms of production and trading related to adult-use marijuana.

The CEO has also stated that most of the cannabis beers that currently circulate the market are infused with marijuana oil and brewed from barley. "That's entirely different from what we do, "Wendschuh added. "Our cannabis beer is brewed using the stem, stalk, and even the roots of the cannabis," he pointed out.

The company is aiming to produce a beer than if consumed, will provide effects equal to a dose of alcohol. So far, they were able to make a beer that contains approximately 6.5 mg of THC. The brewers removed the alcohol content so that drinkers will only have to deal with one kind of "high." Asking the question "how can it hit you?" the answer is that the beer will hit you instantly. Wendschuh has also stated that this quick kind of hit is not typical for marijuana edibles. 

This story plays out across the entire country, as business owners are racing to secure a strong foothold in the expected multibillion-dollar-worth market.

Cannabis Beer Project: Backbone and recipe

The backbone of cannabis beer project originates from the hopes of Wendschuh himself. He envisions to build a 50 million Canadian dollar-worth facility, in which he dreams to be the first cannabis brewery in the world. The brewery is planning to roll out different varieties of beers using various strains and flavors of cannabis, mirroring the breweries that produce ales, stouts, and lagers. 

According to Wendschuh, they will brew the beer from the roots, stem, and stocks of the cannabis plant. This act will offer a substitute for what is a waste product from the industry. They will take it from the hands of the growers, preventing them from hiring a costly disposal company to get rid of them.

Wendschuh believes that their product will be healthier and safer than the usual alcohol. On the other hand, he also acknowledges that the product will come with some risks. He said that people must not consume their product for over five times per day. He also said that people should not drink the beer first thing in the morning. 

Wendschuh had also described that their product is the first step in flipping over the globally-renowned industry. The CEO is passionate about creating an alternative for alcohol that has the potential to change the world. 

Legalization of such drinks appears to be in the works in Canada for the fall of this year 

As exciting as the cannabis beer maybe, the Canadians won’t be permitted to buy it. The government proposed new rules, legalizing marijuana-infused “edibles” next fall, but not including the cannabis beer.

The new rule states that alcoholic products infused with cannabis won’t be allowed in Canada. However, it may be permitted if there’s minimal alcohol content, and they will be labeled as non-alcoholic.

Additionally, packaging wine or beer products together with the cannabis will also be proscribed. Its purpose is to avoid the risk of consumers mixing the substances, which is deemed to be a health risk. Also, the companies that produce alcoholic products will be prohibited to put their brands on cannabis-infused drinks.

Meanwhile, big beer brewers in the U.S. are starting to get creative in infusing beers with THC and CBD. A Heineken-owned brewery called Lagunitas has just introduced their "THC-infused Hi-Fi Hops" in California. Additionally. The man that invented "Blue Moon" is reportedly working on a THC-infused and non-alcoholic beer in the state Colorado.

In the U.S., legalization of marijuana moves slowly. However, there are currently various kinds of cannabis products – particularly CBD oils for different purposes. Both cannabis marketers and buyers need to be extra-careful and compliant to the existing laws. Alternatively, residents can book a flight to Canada and enjoy cannabis products legally.