Things you Should Know About the Electronic Cigarette


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Tobacco generates a great addiction among smokers, which often causes them to feel unable to quit. For one of those reasons, electronic cigarettes were invented, a great option when it comes to quitting smoking, since, among others, the nicotine it contains is natural and very scarce, which helps the body to detoxify and stop addiction slowly.

Is it as addictive as conventional cigarettes? Does it cause cancer? Is it able to calm the anxiety of the smoker? Eight years after the expansion of electronic cigarettes worldwide there are still many doubts that they plan on this new way of smoking.

The new model that has reached the market is Jull, it has a USB shape, produces less smoke than any other vaper and contains much more nicotine.

Is it less Harmful than Conventional Tobacco?


Specialists estimate that it could create less danger than ordinary cigarettes, however there are no investigations to demonstrate it. The long-haul impacts of utilizing electronic cigarettes are obscure.At high temperatures, propylene glycol decomposes and can produce propylene oxide, likely carcinogenic. Glycerol produces acrolein, although to a lesser extent than traditional cigarette. Propylene glycol and glycerol produce carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Traces of classic tobacco carcinogens, such as nitrosamines, metals, volatile organic and phenolic compounds have also been found. The nickel levels detected are higher than those found in classic tobacco.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes that include nicotine increase heart rate and blood cotinine levels. This varies depending on the experience of the smoker and the technique of inhalation or vaping. There may be a risk of nicotine poisoning if ingested orally when handling the cartridge, so it is dangerous to leave an electronic cigarette within the reach of children.

Consequences for a Passive smoker of Electronic Cigarettes

It is estimated that the effect is less than that associated with conventional cigarettes. Elevations of cotinine in the blood have been detected in non-vapers exposed to the electronic cigarette. The presence of volatile substances of 2.5 microns in diameter that can be deposited in the lung of passive smokers of electronic cigarettes has also been demonstrated.

Is the Electronic Cigarette as Addictive as the Traditional one?

In the event that they don't have nicotine, electronic cigarettes don't deliver physical fixation. The danger of getting snared relies upon whether it is utilized to supplant tobacco, to diminish its utilization or, basically, recreationally by individuals who have never smoked. In any case, it is critical to realize that electronic cigarettes can keep up mental dependence on nicotine.

The obsession has a physical portion, of brief term, and a psychological one, all the all the more suffering in time. The electronic cigarette makes it difficult to break the lead with the stogie, given the similarity with the standard cigarette.

For the above reason it is considered that, even if they help reduce physical abstinence, electronic cigarettes would limit tobacco cessation. That is why many consumers chronify its use or combine it with the traditional cigar, making it difficult for them to voluntarily access conventional pharmacological help and with a false sense of security that they suffer less damage from consuming fewer cigarettes.

Can it be helpful to Quit Tobacco?

The main drawback of the electronic cigarette is that its long-term effects are not known.Some experts think so, but claim that it be considered a medical device and continue controlled research in this field. Experts continue to advise traditional pharmacological methods (nicotine, bupropion and varenicline). If a patient opts for the electronic cigarette, they should be informed about the state of science at this time, about its efficacy and safety.