Tips to Choose your Electronic Cigarette


If you have made the decision to switch to electronic cigarette as a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco, it is important that you take some advice before purchasing the device that suits you best, what is best for your health? Is only preferred Yocan Vaporizer online vapes.

1. Get an Initial Kit of two Electronic Cigarettes

Why? The batteries have a recharge time of about 3 hours, and once charged, their duration is approximately 7 hours. That waiting time in the recharge drives some users to "fall back" on the conventional cigarette by not being able to vape. If you have two electronic cigarettes, you will always have one of the two devices ready while the other recharges.

2. The Vaporizer

Keep this in mind: Cheap is expensive, so choose a quality vaporizer. There are several models of atomizers for electronic cigarettes, with different benefits and prices. Try to choose an atomizer that offers good value for money. The cheapest models are the so-called CE4, the first that began to be marketed about six years ago. Its technology is considered already outdated, and both the durability and the quality of vaping are now surpassed by the most modern models.

3. The Size of the Battery


Among the most far reaching electronic cigarette "Yocan Vaporizer online vapes" batteries are the eGo-T, which come in various sizes and with various charging limits. The 650 mAh batteries (milliamps/hour) have a rough term of 4 hours, the 900 mAh of 6 hours, and 1100 mAh of as long as 8 hours. The most famous battery model is the 900 mAh eGo-T, which consolidates an agreeable size and a more than satisfactory term. They are the most mentioned by clients, since those of 650mAh run out too rapidly and those of 1100 mAh, albeit increasingly tough, are too much massive.

4. The Taste of E-Liquid

One of the most important choices - and also the ones that most doubts among electronic cigarette users is that of the E-Liquid. What aroma should we choose? The success or failure of replacing traditional tobacco with electronic cigarette depends largely on the choice of an E-Liquid that is satisfactory. There are many options: fruit, coffee, menthol, chewing gum. The fruity aromas are soft and pleasant, although their sweetness ends up impaling some users after a few days. A very interesting alternative is that represented by the aromas of genuine tobacco, in the case of the "Desert ship" or the "eKmel", which emulate some well-known brands of conventional cigarettes. Its dry throat and palate touch, similar to that of traditional tobacco, makes them especially attractive for users who start vaping.

5. Nicotine

Another very common doubt is that which refers to the level of nicotine that each consumer requires in order for their experience with the electronic cigarette to be fully satisfactory. There is a simple scale to determine the level of nicotine that you need: For smokers of a daily package or more, a level of 24 mg of nicotine is recommended.

If you smoke between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day, the recommended content will be 16 mg If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, the concentration of 6 mg is the most appropriate. Although there are E-Liquids without nicotine, its use is not recommended if the intention is to stop smoking conventional tobacco. Start at the level that is most consistent with your current level of tobacco use and, when you have reduced or completely abandoned conventional cigarettes, try E-Liquid without nicotine. You can enjoy alternating tobacco flavors with fruity aromas.

The decision to make your life healthier with the help of electronic cigarettes is solely up to you. To ensure that you can take that firm step, it is important that you know the various alternatives offered by these increasingly popular devices. On your correct choice, do not forget, depends on the progressive replacement of the conventional cigarette with the electronic cigarette, a decision that will save your health and money.