How Can Retail Stores Compete With Online Retailers In Their Marketing Campaigns?

Retail stores face so much competition from online retailers and that isn’t going to change. In fact, a higher percentage of purchases will be made online in the future which means that retail stores will have to find new and innovative ways to attract new customers. Focusing on the benefits of a physical store over an online one is important, but perhaps the biggest challenge that they face is marketing themselves effectively. Online stores benefit more from social media platforms and paid ads because they can provide a direct link to their site and generate leads that way. While social media and other forms of online marketing are a very important part of the marketing strategy of any retail store, it’s important that they find other ways to catch the attention of their customers if they are going to compete with online shopping. These are some of the most inventive ways for retail stores to market themselves.

Pop-Up Stores 

Pop-up stores are a big trend in the retail world at the minute and there are a lot of great benefits to using them. When you create a pop-up store that is time limited, it lends itself very well to the world of social media. Online marketing is all about creating a buzz and getting people to share your message as fast as possible. If you can generate some excitement about a pop-up store and get it trending on social media, the urgency created by the time limitation means that you will get a lot of new customers in a short space of time. As long as you design the pop-up store well and you offer a good experience, these new customers should hopefully return to one of your permanent stores in the future. 

Pop-up stores are also ideal if you are thinking about expanding into a new area but you are unsure whether you will be able to find enough customers there. You can set up a pop-up store as a test and see how it performs. If it performs well, you know that it’s a wise move to set up a permanent store in the area and you already have some customers nearby. But if it performs badly, you can avoid investing in a store that won’t do very well. 

Car Wraps 

A lot of people think that car wraps are a tacky way to advertise a business but they’re actually very effective. When you are trying to build a brand, exposure is so important. If you get your message out there to enough people, you will get people interested in the business. If you get some car wraps for any company vehicles and maybe even invest in some private number plates with the company name on, you can push your brand in the local area. It’s an old fashioned tactic but it’s a very effective way of increasing brand awareness and it’s very cost effective. 

Rethink Your Layout 

People have been in a thousand retail stores before and they don’t find them interesting. But if you can change that, you will get a lot more business from passing foot traffic. If you are using a typical retail store layout, people will pass by without a second glance, but if you come up with a more interesting layout and design, they will be more likely to stop and investigate. Getting people in the door in the first hurdle, so you need to think about your shop layout and your window displays. 

Loyalty Rewards 

Online stores will often be able to beat you on price, so you need to find other ways to get people to come back time and time again. You need to try to be competitive on price as much as you can, but it’s not always possible. One of the best ways to get repeat customers is to offer a loyalty reward scheme. You can offer a standard loyalty program that offers a discount after a certain number of purchases but if you really want to get people interested, you need to come up with personalized offers. Online retailers are always tailoring their deals and offers specifically to the customer and people respond well to that, so you should do the same with your loyalty rewards. If you look at the data from your till systems and identify the type of product that people regularly buy, you can offer them a loyalty reward based on that. They will be far more likely to respond to that than they would a blanket promotion that goes out to everybody.

These are all inventive ways for retail stores to advertise themselves and overcome the competition from online retailers.