How Canadian Retailers make their online presence in the market?

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Today, Canada has one of the most sophisticated digital presence. Though only medium-sized, the country has a solvable market in context to e-commerce. Governed massively by the big and powerful American e-commerce companies, Canada does have its own online space for the retailers and the local players with an established ground.

The e-commerce landscape of the Canadian market is more or less similar to that of the United States. Though in numbers, it has only 33 million internet users, which is only a small fraction of the digital population of the US.

So, why it is called the sophisticated market? Anand Mukherjee, who works with TopAssignmentExperts and provides python homework help states it is the opulence of the Canadian population put together with their well-spread habit of shopping online which makes the Canadian digital shopping quite sophisticated. People in Canada make use of both mobile and computers to buy online a vivid array of goods and services. 

Now, since the online market is already well developed, the competition amidst the retailers is fierce. Moreover, since the market size of the American companies is vast, e-commerce in Canada is mainly dominated by US platforms. These operate through several segments, like Amazon, which is the primary e-commerce leader in Canada. However, there are also some brick and mortar stores such as the Hudson’s Bay and the Canadian Tire who too have acquired a small fraction in the market. In addition to this, there have been some new and innovative entrants like the Etsy, who have also been able to acquire a place for themselves in Canada as well as in the world around.


Top e-commerce platforms in Canada with their estimated traffic

To help you achieve a perspective of the competition in the online market in Canada, we have come up with a list of top 10 e-commerce platforms of Canada and their estimated monthly traffic. These are the platforms that retailers in Canada are regularly using to make their presence felt in the online market.


Newegg, Canada

A lot of you might have already heard of Newegg. It was started in the year 2001, in the USA and is a prominent retailer of computer software and hardware online. It stocks electronic goods from different brands. As of today, it caters to the customers both in the US and Canada. In the year 2016, the company received an investment for a majority stake by Liaison Interactive, which is a Chinese Tech-Based Company.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 4.2 million web visits.   


Hudson’s Bay

According to Amita Krishna offering assignment help MelbourneHudson’s Bay, which is more commonly known as The Bay, is the most progressive e-commerce store in Canada. It has a chain of departmental stores both in the Netherlands and Canada. On its online platform, it sells high-end fashion apparel, home goods, accessories and more to the online shoppers of Canada. 

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 6.6 Million visits.


Home Depot Canada

The retailers dealing with supplies related to home improvement and hardware stock their products with the Home Depot. Operating in Mexico, Canada and the United States, this has the most extensive home improvement supplies and sells home and garden equipment, tools, furniture, construction supplies, and more.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 10.4 Million visits.



Etsy is another online platform which sells vintage, handmade or some unique factory-made items to the customers. It helps the retailers sell a massive variety of photography and art items, beauty products, accessories, footwear and clothing. PaperDoers,an online platform which lets you buy term paperstates that the growth and popularity of Etsy are truly commendable.  

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 7.9 Million visits.


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a company which has a chain of retail stores under its brand name along with Mark’s, which is a specialist in sports apparel and gear. It also has Part Source under it which is specialized in the auto accessories and parts. On the web store of Canadian tire, you can find items like the hardware, automotive, home products, toys, sports equipment and food products.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 15.2 Million visits.


Costco Canada

TrumpLearningwhich is an online platform which offers several online courses, is of the view, that Costco is one online provider which stocks possibly everything you need. It is an American multinational company which has warehouse clubs in over ten countries. The retailers sell a vivid variety of products such as outdoor living, computers, electronics, jewellery, furniture, and a lot more. 

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 14.2 Million visits.


Best Buy Canada

One of the leading online retailers who specialize in the consumer electronic goods in the US, China, Mexico and Canada is the Best Buy. Ankita Khan, who writes online reviews and did an excellent SEO PowerSuite reviewsays that Best Buy is an excellent platform for Canadian digital customers who wish to shop for home and electronic appliances online.  

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 16.7 Million visits.


Walmart Canada

Who doesn’t know of Walmart? In terms of name and popularity, it is not very far behind from Amazon and eBay. Walmart is the number one retail corporation that operates departmental stores, hypermarkets and grocery stores. Believed to be a leader in the US, it is also engaged in Mexico, Canada, and several other countries too. On the online store of Walmart, the retailers sell a massive range of products relating to fashion, food, electronics, home equipments, auto parts, and more.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 21.6 Million visits.


eBay Canada

Another leading online marketplace, eBay is an excellent platform which lets the people and the businesses to sell their products directly. The online auction platform of eBay has set up its base in over 20 countries and retails a plethora of products.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 34.5 Million visits.


Amazon Canada

Surveer, working with EssayWriter4U, which lets you buy college essays online, states that the number one medium for the retailers to make their presence felt online is Amazon. In the year 1994, Amazon started its base in the US as an online book store. With time, the company went on to diversify its products and today, you think of a product, and you can shop for it with Amazon. Everything you need is available for you on Amazon.

On an average, it receives monthly traffic of 124 Million visits.



So, these are the ten most successful online platforms which the retailers in Canada make aggressive use of to establish a firm ground amongst the online shoppers. Of course, there are more, but the popularity and the reach of these 10, made us jot them down in a list for your reference. If you are a retailer, you know, which amongst these platforms can be your support and competitors. None the less, if you have more to add on to the list, do tell us about them in the comments below. We will certainly check them out.