Shipping Boxes and Envelopes 101: An eCommerce Guide


Getting your packaging together is crucial if you are a company that handles a whole lot of shipments. 

Whether you have an entire warehouse and your own fleet of vehicles, or you just started an online business out of your garage, the shipping materials make a difference. 

By purchasing the best shipping boxes and other materials, you'll get your merchandise to your customers safely. Consider the tips below so that you can choose the best shipping materials for your business. 

1. Always Consider Your Primary Method for Shipping

The shipping materials that you buy will also depend on your method for shipping. 

You'll have different dimensions and costs to consider using United States Postal Service (USPS), as opposed to services like FedEx and UPS. If you have a service you prefer or use exclusively, these decisions will affect the types of shipping materials you choose. 

2. Create Shipping Boxes That are Branded and Attractive

Be sure that you're focusing on your branding and marketing as well when you purchase shipping materials. 

Pay a few hundred bucks to have a graphic designer create a logo for you. Be sure that you have that logo on your shipping materials so that customers start to become familiar with you. 

There are several companies you can work with that can create readily-branded packaging for you. 

3. Focus on Strength and Durability

Whenever you send shipments, you'll need to know that your merchandise is going to get to the customer quickly and in one piece. When you start buying shipping boxes, make sure that you're sticking to those that are durable. 

Look into bubble mailers and cushioning so that your more sensitive items are protected. Ensure that the cushioning material comfortably fits inside any boxes that you decide to use. 

This means deciding on the best size for your boxes, in addition to studying dimensional pricing, so that you can optimize your profits. 

Consider shopping with a company like The Gaylord Box Exchange to find used and recycled boxes that are tough, at a great rate for you. 

4. Consider Creative Shipping Material For Your Business

Don't think that you have to stick to uniform boxes when shipping your items. There are several creative shipping material options that will be both decorative and cost-effective. 

For instance, there are creative mailing envelopes that can cut costs and let you play with a lot of colors and great designs. These mailing envelopes can be crafted to any size and can either be cushioned or un-cushioned, depending on what you need. 

Corrugated boxes can also be created to fit merchandise of any dimensions while featuring your company branding. You'll be able to really make your shipments stand out, which is great for your company as a whole. 

Get Your Hands on the Best Shipping Materials

If you consider these tips when getting your shipping materials together, you'll always have your logistics in order. 

There are some quality shipping boxes, mailers and other materials that will be a perfect fit. 

Stay tuned to our content for all of your retail needs.