Top 5 Password Managers of 2019

Top 5 Password Managers of 2019

It has been reported that many people got hacked previous years ago. How do you save yourself? Making your passwords unique for each site is one of the many solutions. Creating a unique password is easy, but remembering them is the difficult part.

Fortunately, there are password managers that have been invented to help us manage our passwords. However, from the pool of password managers, it’s hard to determine what service to trust. Still, many options have proven to be the best.

We took the highest grounds to elaborate on the best password managers this year. These password managers have upgraded features that secure your password and sync them across all devices you authorize. Here is the list of the best password managers of 2019.


LastPass has excellent features and is the best password manager so far. Even better, the LastPass password manager is free! There is also a premium type of LastPass with more advanced features. It helps you store and import all your login credentials, including your passwords and usernames from internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. You need to set up your master password, and everything is good to go.

When you use this password manager, it will help you clear your sensitive data from your computer to keep it safe and secure. The free LastPass web application also includes free credit monitoring, two-factor authentication, and the best is its auto-fill feature created to make it easier to log into your accounts.

It also has the feature to create a unique and straightforward password such as a password generator. If you want all the best feature, signing up for the premium service is also a good option. The premium LastPass offers stellar tech support, additional authentication options, and the capability to link information between your mobile phone and desktop computer. LastPass has also kept diligence in making updates and upgrades to keep the tool the best.


Another reliable and top-rated manager for passwords is 1Password. It has a secure password generator, same as usernames and password storage. It raises the bar with its unique intuitive user interface created to notify you for any website breaches. The 1Password software also gives full security with personally identifiable information, sticky notes, and credit card numbers.

The engineers and developers of the 1Password software prove its security and have offered a hundred thousand dollars as a prize to anyone who can break in the software’s security.

The downside of this software is its cost, it provides the features for two dollars, and ninety-nine centavos billed yearly. A one-time purchase would help you link all your passwords between any convenient method and your local computer.

Another drawback is that it has limited linking options which could be a total bummer. The premium feature for a family plan can acknowledge five personal computers, which is a nice touch.


Dashlane is simple and inherent, inducted by the ability to create numerous passwords spanning sites in just a few clicks. It also offers two-factor authentication which promotes safe and secure login. The Dashlane developers also update the software now and then, to keep the memory footprint smaller, making this software completely safe. For any emergencies, the Dashlane could also share encrypted passwords to trusted family members. 

The software allows its user to store passwords and automatically link them on all your devices or within encrypted storage. You can also make purchases and track at any various online stores with its digital wallet feature. It saves the business annual fee charges when creating accounts. 

Keeper Security Password Manager

The Keeper Security Password Manager offers a wide range of login solutions for business, enterprise,  and user level, making it one of the best password managers available. Like any other software, it also uses two-factor authentication and store files securely in encrypted storage.

Users have appreciated its hard-working developers on making the Keeper’s feature on its maximum level. They created a practical feature like emergency access, which allows five trusted contacts to access your password. Also, its version history is just too excellent not to mention. The version history can restore any previous versions of your records if needed.

Intel’s True Key

Created in 2014, the innovative creators of True Key chose to use face scanners and biometrics as a secure medium for passwords. Instead of password keystrokes, Intel is using an automatic password creator.

Just like any other password manager, this software easily captivates the new websites you access and smartly creates an account for you.  It also has a feature that signs you out and reset your manager password automatically. You can change the timeframe of any features as well.


Security is always the best policy when it comes to online services. So, making sure your personal information is safe is a must. Make sure that your passwords are uniquely different from all website logins. Make it a point to take advantage of the current technological innovation to secure your personal information.

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