Technology as a Trend: Top 5 Tech Influencers on Youtube

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YouTube is a marvelous platform that provides people with tons of information. The range of topics that are covered on this network is really huge. You can find entertaining and educational videos about very many things, like makeup, IT, drawing, making origami cranes… the list is endless.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine, right after Google. This achievement could be reached because of the vast diversity of content types that can be found on this platform. People can discover practically anything there. There are music videos, tutorials of different kinds, memes, news, storytelling, nursery rhymes, vlogs… And these are just the top of the pile, as they tend to be one of the most popular types that people like to watch. 

Another sort of video that is driving the attention of big audiences is reviews. On YouTube, these are one of the most frequently searched. 

Lots of bloggers are creating various content on their channels, but usually they stick to one prominent theme, and include reviews to the types of content that they produce. Because doing a single genre is not enough for a fine result. The relevant example here is technology. There are a lot of people covering that topic, but in this article, we have enlisted five best influencers of this niche. Their content will make you love the tech progress! 

Marques Brownlee 

This guy is commonly known as MKBHD. It is the nickname of his channel on YouTube that consists of his initials MKB, and HD that stands for the words High-Definition. Many people consider him to be the best tech reviewer in the world by now. The main specialty of this influencer is mobile hardware. Many companies are approaching him to get their hardware reviewed. Marques also had hosted interviews with many celebrities, like Will Smith, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Another kind of videos which are very popular among his audience are the ones where he is explaining the work of devices and gadgets by breaking and examining them. Very helping, indeed. 

It is also worth your time to look through Brownlee’s playlist that is called “Retro tech”. Here you can see interesting reviews and opinions about the tech devices which were used in the era of analog. 

Marques’ channel was started when he was still attending high school in 2009. By this year, his audience is as big as 11 million, and it continues to grow. In total, he has reached more than 1.6 billion views. His estimated net worth is around $1,9 million. 

The Hacksmith

The owner of this channel, James Hobson, is often called “the Tony Stark of Ontario”. He is Canadian, and started his channel after he quit his job in 2006. James is a technical engineer who found his calling in recreating fictional gadgets and technologies in real life. He takes inspiration from movies, comic books, and video games. By this time, James had accomplished:

  • Electromagnetic shield of Captain America
  • Batman’s gadgets
  • Lightsaber from Star Wars
  • Thor’s hammer
  • Alien mecha’s
  • Half-size Cybertruck
  • Doctor Strange’s portals and magic circles
  • Fortnite sword

And many other cool stuff that was originally supposed to stay unreal. He is also an inventor, who comes up with incredible ideas, like electric longboard, snowboard with a turbine, or jet engine motorcycle. Another type of content on this account is Hobsons vlogs about his life in Canada, e.g. the consequences of bad weather, when his car was entirely covered with ice, after severe rain at night. 

James’s channel has reached the mark of more than 9 million subscribers. His videos gathered over 560 million views.  

Unbox Therapy

This channel is considered to be the most popular YouTube channel about technology in the world. The owner of this channel, Lewis George Hilsenteger, is also Canadian. He is a known host, internet-personality, and reviewer. His specialty is smartphones, gadgets, and uncovering new technologies. One of the famous videos, which brought him 72 million views is the iPhone 6 Plus bending test

It is obvious from the name of the channel, that Lewis does unboxing. A lot. To this day, he has uploaded 919 videos where he is unpacking stuff. Another obsession of this blogger is the Apple products, and he dedicated specific playlists for each model and device that he reviewed. By looking through his channel you will also see useful reviews for keyboards, which are also a separate playlist. 

Since its creation in 2010, Hilsenteger’s channel has obtained many powerful sponsors. Like Google, IBM, McDonald’s, Intel, USAGlass, and many others. By 2020 the channel hit the mark of 17 million followers and remains the most subscribed tech channel throughout the globe. 


This channel belongs to Taras Kulakov, who lives in the USA, but originates from Ukraine. He loves doing scientific tests, experiments, life hacks, and tips. Well-known for the video which explains how to open a can without having a can opener. The series he uploads on his channel that is called Zombie Survival tips is priceless for it is really useful and witty. He has also tested different things from physics, and ruined a couple of myths that were very common. Kulakov is also a reviewer, who runs tests for army meals, supplies and gadgets.  

Other Taras’s interest is nature and pets. He has specific playlists about his dogs and chickens, which are no less popular, than scientific ones. What a savvy man, one would say. 

Since its foundation in 2012, CrazyRussianHacker has reached 11.4 million subscribers and still grows, as Taras is widening the range of topics that his channel embraces. 

Mark Rober

This internet-personality has a channel named after himself. Mark used to have a job at NASA as an engineer. For 7 years he was involved in the work on the famous Curiosity which was sent on Mars.  Mark started his channel on YouTube in 2011, and became popular for his wish to show that science is cool. We think he succeeded in this matter. His goal on YouTube is to explain and show how interesting the world around us is, and how incredible the technologies are. He is also uploading how-to for DIY gadgets and life hacks. Many of his videos have gone viral. For example, the video where he creates a trapping mechanism that covers a package thief in glitter has grossed 81 million views by now. 

Rober’s channel has almost 13 million followers, and this number is growing fast. By now, the number of views on his account is more than a billion. If Mark continues to produce tons of viral content, as he does now, he will soon catch up with Unbox Therapy and split the first place in the world as the most viewed channel on YouTube. 


The community of technology enthusiasts on YouTube is very vast. It includes people from all over the world, who love examining and trying out new devices. Also, there are many people who are popularizing science to produce a new generation of professionals who love exploring and discovering new things about our world. In this article, we have named five top influencers of this community. These people are not the only ones, but they are an inspiration to many other blogs, who have not gained an audience this big as described here. But as the time goes by, new scientists, engineers, physicists, programmers, etc., will grow up to create new channels and carry on the interest of humanity to education and technology. 

We want to encourage you as well, dear reader. Look through these channels too, seek for other science enthusiasts, and find something new to yourself. Or maybe, think of what knowledge you have to share with others. Who knows, maybe in some time, we will include you to this list?

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