Canadian Agency Launches Compliant Lead Generation Platform for Cannabis Retailers

Sparkdown, a brand of cannabis and psychedelics PR firm Alan Aldous, has launched Stoners-as-a-Service, a lead generation platform for cannabis retail stores in Canada that wish to obtain more customers and cultivate a relationship with them through SMS, e-mail and rewards.

The base service allows cannabis retail stores to obtain pre-vetted, hyper-local 19+ customer leads from nearby their store that they are then able to SMS, E-mail, and communicate deals with. Leads are available on a cost-per-lead basis, allowing stores to scale on a predictable and cost-effective basis. 

Stores can obtain the leads in csv format, or better yet for a monthly fee access the Sparkdown “SaaS” platform which acts as a CRM permitting stores to set-up SMS and e-mail campaigns and sequences, collect more data and provide on-going discounts and rewards. The store will have access to the lead’s favourIte consumption method, allowing stores to program targeted “flash sale” campaigns if they need to get rid of particular inventory at any time.

The company has two other offerings that can be added to the base service.

The first is Sparkdown Rewards, a compliant digital rewards program. On customer iPhone or Android smartphones, any cannabis retail store can now offer a digital loyalty points program that rewards customers. Cannabis store workers scan a customer’s digital wallet pass upon entering the store, with no purchase necessary from the consumer. To avoid mischievous use but encourage regular foot traffic, stores should set a maximum of one scan per customer per day. The Alan Aldous team customizes the feel and look of the rewards program to the store’s branding and helps set rewards prizes in conjunction with the store.

That’s in addition to Sparkdown Contests, which allows retailers to run digital contests that can easily boost the number of leads and customers the store has access to. The best part is that customers can share the contest with other consumers they know, enabling stores to obtain secondary leads that are free of charge. 

Both Sparkdown Rewards and Sparkdown Contests can be ordered a-la carte but the agency says that it is recommended that they are added to the base Stoners-as-a-Service offering in order to maximize the number of customers obtained.

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