All Canadian Rebates on Windows and Doors

In Canada, the home improvement sector of general contracting is in high demand. As new projects are constantly being started and renovations of existing properties is ongoing, it’s important to know what programs are available to help cover the cost of these projects. When beginning a new project, energy efficient upgrades in the form of new doors and windows may not be at the forefront of your mind. But it should be, with an extensive number of rebates available to share the costs it’s worthwhile to examine the potential benefits of these programs.

Before we dive into the different types of programs available, it’s important to know what these rebates are and why they exist. A rebate is an incentive to purchase a product or service. In terms of windows and door replacement this is in the form of an energy rebate. They serve as incentives to upgrade outdated, inefficient materials to energy efficient models. The goal is to reduce overall consumer energy use, save Canadians money, and slow the progression of climate change. While there are several different programs available, they each fall into different categories, with different criteria to qualify.

The product experts from Ecoline Windows have gathered all the necessary information in one place for your convenience. Continue reading to find out what rebates are accessible to you, and where to go to apply for them.

How are rebates categorized?

Rebates fall into three categories:

  1. Provincial – These programs vary in each individual province. The benefit of these programs is they offer a more diversified range of rebates for window and door upgrades. These rebates are typically offered through the utility companies operating in each province.
  2. Federal – These incentives can benefit all Canadians. However they are geared towards entire retrofits and new builds following the ENERGY STAR or R-2000 building standards.
  3. Non- government – These rebates are provided by independent organizations, such as the Arctic Energy Alliance, who offer incentives for installing energy efficient windows and doors.

The biggest difference in these categories is how to apply and how to receive the credit. For government programs some of them provide an income tax credit, while others require filing a separate form in order to have a rebate cheque mailed to you. Each one depends on the type of rebate program to which you are applying. Although each of these entities offer different incentives, they are still working towards the same goal of creating a robust supply of energy efficient homes across Canada.

How to choose a rebate program?

Qualifying for a government rebate for windows or any other available rebate program, is determined by your ability to meet certain criteria. This is dependent on whether you are constructing a new build or a renovation.

  • New Construction – Government rebate programs, both provincial and federal, should be examined for new builds. These programs offer larger savings for building homes to exact ENERGY STAR specifics, which can only be taken advantage of when building from scratch. For example, Manitoba Hydro’s New Home Program, offers up to $12,000 in incentives for constructing energy efficient homes. Including installing ENERGY STAR windows and doors.
  • Renovation – The largest number of rebate programs are geared towards supporting renovation projects. These are used to encourage homeowners to make energy efficient improvements, such as installing energy efficient windows and doors. For example Enbridge Gas provides a $40 rebate per new ENERGY STAR window and door you have installed in your home.

The list of Canadian companies that offer rebates for window and door replacements

There are many Canadian companies to look into when searching for rebates. Here is a list of Canadian companies and municipalities who provide rebates for window and door replacements.

  1. FortisBC
  2. Efficiency PEI
  3. Efficiency Manitoba
  4. Manitoba Hydro
  5. NB Power
  6. Hydro-Québec
  7. Énergir
  8. Town of Banff
  9. Arctic Energy Alliance
  10. Government of Yukon, Energy, Mines and Resources
  11. EfficiencyBC
  12. Efficiency Nova Scotia
  13. Enbridge Gas
  14. BC Hydro

Most of these companies and municipalities offer a version of the same window and door incentive rebate, but BC Hydro is a great example of what the typical rebate program looks like.

BC Hydro is one of two energy providers in the province of British Columbia. They are government owned and offer a wide range of rebates and incentive programs to residents. Their goal is to reduce energy consumption and provide savings to residents.

Their window and door rebate is structured as a tiered rebate system, depending on the quality of energy efficient model you choose.

  • Tier 1: provides a $50 rebate for windows
  • Tier 2: Provides a $100 rebate for both windows and doors

However, to qualify for the rebate, these windows and doors must be listed on one of the following certification body websites:

Not only must these products be certified as energy efficient, they must be new and in working order. Only a valid, licensed BC contractor is able to install these windows and doors if you want to qualify for the rebate.

How to take advantage of rebate companies?

A quick search of window and door rebates will bring a flood of information on specific rebate programs to which you can apply. But there are a few companies who have made it easy to take advantage of these programs and make the arrangements for installation of these new items. By rolling all of the information into one simple resource these companies can save you both time and money. The most popular of these programs are:

  • Homeowners of Canada – this is an organization that hosts contractors who are knowledgeable on the current rebates being offered. Instead of you needing to independently research all of your rebate options, this service connects you with contractors who can process all of these savings for you. Therefore, you enjoy the benefits of these programs, without the hassle of searching for the information yourself.
  • Enbridge Home Wintering Program – this is a program, offered by Enbridge gas, that will take care of the installation of your energy saving solutions. Again, they can provide energy savings and since they provide the window and door rebates, they can guarantee the installation meets the necessary program requirements.

A big component of these rebate programs and rebate companies, is the requirement of purchasing a qualifying certified window and door that meets the standard for a rebate. The most recognizable is ENERGY STAR. While they do not operate as a rebate company or offer rebates directly. They are the industry leader in energy efficient products including windows and doors. They have strict guidelines to what qualifies as a product that can use their label. The government and non-government rebate programs recognize that ENERGY STAR is synonymous with energy efficiency. Any product carrying their seal of approval will meet the regulatory bodies criteria for energy efficient windows and doors.

Are there certain manufacturers I need to use to qualify for a rebate?

With all of the talk about specific types of windows and doors and rebate programs, it’s hard to determine what product qualifies for a rebate. As previously mentioned, any product carrying the ENERGY STAR label, qualifies for these government rebates. However, any product manufacturer that meets the standards of the following regulatory bodies can help you qualify for a rebate.

These requirements depend on the province in which you are located.

Rebate programs by location

Below you can find a guide to find which currently offer incentive rebate programs for installing new windows and doors.

ProvinceAvailable Window RebatesAvailable Door Rebates
British ColumbiaHome Renovation RebateBC HydroFortisBCHome Renovation RebateBC HydroFortisBC
AlbertaTown of BanffTown of Banff
ManitobaBuilding Envelope ProgramHome Energy Efficiency LoanBuilding Envelope ProgramHome Energy Efficiency Loan
OntarioEnbridge Home UpgradesEnbridge Home Upgrades
QuebecEnergy Efficient Retrofit Program for Low-Income HouseholdsEnergy Efficient Renovations GrantEnergy Efficient Retrofit Program for Low-Income HouseholdsEnergy Efficient Renovations Grant
PEIBuilding Envelope Upgrade RebateBuilding Envelope Upgrade Rebate
Nova ScotiaAffordable Housing ProgramAffordable Housing Program
New BrunswickTotal Home Energy Savings ProgramTotal Home Energy Savings Program
Yukon TerritoriesCommercial Energy Incentive ProgramN/A
Northwest TerritoriesArctic Energy AllianceN/A

The Bottom Line

There are so many ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you implement these measures during the construction of your new build or use new energy efficient technology to retrofit your current home, there are programs in place to help share the cost. By researching the potential rebate programs in your area, not only will you be able to benefit from stunning new windows and doors, you will be able to reap the energy savings for years to come.

This article was prepared by Ecoline Windows Ottawa experts. It is the fruit of 10 years’ experience and over 40000 installations.
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