How to Hire a Top-Performing Human Resource Manager

For your organization to succeed there is a need to understand the importance of investing and hiring qualified and professional employees irrespective of the expense incurred. A human resource manager’s leadership ability determines an organization’s predictive success because this department bears the responsibility of decision-making for the entire organization’s success.

Employ someone who understands your vision, mission, and goals as a way to guarantee the success of your company. A competent human resource manager must have excellent communication abilities, possess great interpersonal skills, and exhibit outstanding leadership capabilities. 

Recruiting managers have an uphill task of ascertaining the best and most qualified since finding a candidate is easier said than done. There is a need to assess every candidate fairly.

A good and detailed job description will be helpful throughout the selection process. You can opt to post on job boards, use acquaintances in your networks, or advertise in the local media. Candidates should be strictly shortlisted based on the job description. Another helpful approach is to seek the services of predictive success to evaluate the whole process for you.

Apart from the job description, to attract qualified professions, include your organization’s goals and resolutions, with a link to your website or career page. If you find recruiting draining and time consuming, consider engaging a recruiting agency and outsource the advertising process and screening applications.

Observe utmost care when it comes to hiring, and ensure that the process does not include gut feelings. Hiring the wrong person is costly as it will impact negatively on the overall performance of the organization.

Therefore, the predictive success of any organization lies with the human resource manager’s ability to liaise with qualified and professional staff and coordinate as a team to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Finding the right human resource manager is not easy, but below are tips to help you start.

Define the skills the human resource manager requires. 

Human resource managers have an enormous responsibility and therefore should have vast skill set to carry out their duties effectively. The right candidate should be excellent at communicating, both written and oral; and should have experience in supervising employees. 

A good human resource manager should possess leadership skills, resolve work-related conflicts and misunderstandings enforce discipline, and create teamwork that will help the organization operate efficiently. 

Predictive success is possible when all departments within the organization are in sync with each other and work together as a team.

Put the focus on behavioral traits.

In addition to academic qualifications, before settling on a human resource manager, first examine their behavioral attributes. It may be impossible to immediately ascertain this, so it may be prudent to first hire on a probation or contract basis and then promote to permanent status later. A qualified candidate should be self-driven, empathetic, a problem solver, innovative, and influential.

Use science and smart hiring practices. 

Always try to incorporate all factors in the hiring processes to sift out less qualified or inexperienced candidates. For tremendous success, include behavioral and cognitive assessments in the selection process.

Behavioral and cognitive assessments basically mean the inclusion of thorough screening, rigorous interviews, face-to-face meetings, and the addition of cognitive and personality tests. 

Incorporating science acts as a hidden weapon when hiring. It is a test given to potential candidates to assess their reactions in different situations and helps envisage their future behavior. It is an excellent way of hiring candidates with the right temperament who excel in that position.

Identify and remove hiring biases.

When you begin the hiring process, ensure to follow all hiring steps, but human weakness may creep in and jeopardize the whole process.

Deliberate on the use of professionals in the hiring process and incorporate behavioral and cognitive assessment, as mentioned above, for better success.  

The main advantage of incorporating science into the hiring process is that behavioral assessment is an excellent forecaster of future job performance. It aids you in selecting the right candidate for the role. 

Exercise fairness by selecting the candidate with the highest score after offering job previews to the shortlisted ones. Doing so will give the candidates a preview of the role and an understanding of what to expect.

After shortlisting preferred candidates, you can proceed and assess other additional skills.

Three standard reference profiles for HR managers 


The ability to influence others is crucial, especially in challenging decision making situations. Reasoning and convincing subordinates to introduce much-needed changes at department levels is a skill required by human resource managers.


Successful human resource managers can demonstrate leadership without being bossy. They are born leaders with an extraordinary ability to lead. 


Mobilizing groups of people is not always easy and pose some challenges. Successfully rallying teams at the workplace is a skill that enables human resource managers to excel and expand organizations.

How to attract high-performing human resource managers

Make sure you are ahead and informed in new management styles through research and investment. Operate in transparency and finance brand awareness campaigns for your organization to attract qualified and competent applicants for advertised positions. 

Develop a habit of networking with professionals in your field and build mutual relationships. You may be fortunate to get an excellent candidate from a referral or business associate. 

After hiring:

  • Entice your human resource manager with a conducive work environment
  • Sponsor them for advanced training
  • Trust them to work independently
  • Believe in their decision-making abilities
  • Increase their salaries and bonuses for job performance. 

It is worth noting that qualified human resource managers are expensive, but hiring them at the beginning will set your organization up for success. You will need a skillful person who can elaborately draft a hiring process so that you can consistently sift the best talent as your organization expands.

Alternatively, if your budget does not allow it, hire a lower-ranking candidate but with promising human resource skills, with the plan to promote them to a more strategic position later. Alternatively, you can opt to work with an independent expert on more complex human resource concerns.

Finally, it is difficult to give feedback to candidates, especially when declining their applications. It should therefore be done in a humane way to avoid reflecting negatively on your company. Applicants are more likely to accept fair and just feedback, but only if the hiring process happens professionally and transparently.  

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