Software as a Service

There are many Human Resource aspects in companies that are a requirement, whether legally or otherwise – these can take up a great deal of your time at work. Sometimes, you may find yourself working late simply to ensure that these are completed correctly to allow the smooth running of the rest of the company. This is where HR SaaS systems can really work in your favour. These take some of your general tasks and allow for their completion on a single, dedicated system, cutting down the need for a number of processes and programs you may need to get the job done. Let’s explore the benefits…


When you have a number of tasks to do on your computer, the last thing you may want is another piece of software taking up valuable space. In addition to this, should your hard-drive become corrupted, you do not want to run the risk of losing all of that data relating to other employees, payroll details, and even the software access itself. Using a service which is delivered via a cloud-based platform means you can access it through a browser, or any laptop or PC that has an internet connection. As long as you keep your account information safe, the status of your computer is irrelevant to its usage.


Part of your role may also involve storing and using payroll information, whether to pay employees, freelancers, contractors, or even those who have completed work at your company, such as a plumber or electrician. Being able to securely store these people’s payment details, and then be able to authorise payments and check the company’s accounts via a single system can really help you cut down on the time it takes to complete these tasks. In addition to this, a single sign-on and point of data entry may cut down a few minutes of your time which, over the course of a day, week, or even month, can add up dramatically.


One problem that some companies face is being able to view the number of absences that an individual has had within a defined period of time. This can help you see which employees have yet to miss a day, which have had the odd day off, and which may have a problem with their attendance at work. Having this information to hand can help you figure out who in the workforce may benefit from extra training, or even a meeting with managers to try and rectify any problems. If an employee is struggling due to their health, this information on their absences may also be used as evidence to show the effect of these struggles, and potentially help that employee gain extra support.

Something as simple as a SaaS system can cut down on your workload, and allow you to complete a number of tasks from one service. This can, in turn, also remove the need for you to remember numerous login details for various providers, making your job that little bit easier.

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