Male Style Guide for the Winter

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With the winter months slowly approaching, it can be a difficult task to continue looking stylish and warm at the same time. The changing of the seasons also means a changing of clothing, both formal and informal. To have the best of both worlds, you need to buy or use clothing that has the right fabrics for the weather but also keep up your trendy looks when you are going to work. Below, we have our favourite guides and tips for the winter months for male fashion and we hope they are of use before the cold weather kicks in. 


For formal occasions like work, it can be quite difficult to wear enough clothes whilst still being warm enough and looking the part for your business meeting or office time. Adapting to the weather, items like a waistcoat, a cardigan jumper or a new winter coat can make great accessories to your daily suit, instantly changing your attire and keeping your style on point. A new layer can make a big difference for the wind chill and gives you something different to wear during the week: give it a shot! Layering is a great way to keep warm and impress at the same time. If it gets too warm, they can easily be taken off.

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Wear the Correct Fabrics

Layering up is very useful, but doing so in the wrong fabrics may not help at all. Using the correct fabrics is imperative during winter and there are a few options that are durable and functional for work life. Cotton won’t keep you as warm as other fabrics, but they are breathable, meaning you won’t sweat as much. The heated office won’t feel so warm using cotton on your feet or mid section for example. The luxury socks from the London Sock Company are made from stretch-fit Scottish Lisle cotton and make for the perfect accessory for those winter days.

Another great option for keeping warm is wool - it is the warmest fabric you can wear so is great for those snowy or wind swept days. A thin layer will keep you just as warm as a thick layer of garment made of another fabric. With other choices like cashmere and synthetic fabrics also worth considering, you have plenty to decide between for the next few months.

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Appropriate Footwear

Having the correct fabrics on your body is ideal, but when the snow and ice appears, your feet also need to be cosy and able to handle the slippery conditions. Being able to choose footwear that compliments your suit and fashion sense is imperative during winter. Options like Chelsea boots, Brogue boots, leather desert boots or even a sturdy pair of hiking boots for those treacherous morning commutes. Whether its just solely for use to work or to use at the weekend walks too, these options will keep your feet warm with waterproof shoes necessary. For that rugged, casual look or for some professional footwear, you have plenty of options to decide between.