Here’s Why Wallpics Photo Tiles are Best for Wall Décor

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Wall décor is essential to add beauty and life to the interior space. And, that is why these days there is an abundance of wall décor items that can be found in the stores. From minimalist to bold or extravagant, the wall décor items these days are available in all shapes and size. However, if you are looking for something that livens up space and personalizes the walls, then Wallpics is perfect for you. Here we have discussed the reasons why Wallpics are ideal wall décor items for your house. What to know about Wallpics? Click stickable photo tiles. Along with visiting our official website, join us on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Now, let’s turn to the main prominent features that make Wallpics app so attractive to users.

1. Hassle-free Process

The process of getting pictures for wall decoration often involves a number of steps. First and foremost, you are required to print out the pictures. Secondly, you have to pick the right type of frame that would go well with the wall color and the interior. Fortunately, you can give all these tasks a skip and instead just go for Wallpics. As Wallpics makes things extremely simple and hassle-free.

Their amazing app is available for Apple and Android phone users. You just need to download the Wallpics App and select the photos present in your phone. You are free to upload as many pics as you like, but its best to carefully select them to make sure that they display the story you want to share. Once uploaded, just place the order. When you receive the order, you will just have to remove the cover from the sticky pads behind the photo boards and stick them on the wall.

No need to print the pics or go through the trouble of selecting the frames. Moreover, you get top-quality photo boards that bring life to the walls. You get incredibly stylish wall décor items with just a few taps on the phone with Wallpics and that too without paying a huge sum of money. The reasonable rates and the hassle-free process of ordering Wallpics makes it ideal. And, most importantly, they add a touch of personalization and unique to the interior design of the house. Don’t wait, simply download the app on Apple iTunes or Play Store and try it out!

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2. No Nails Required

The one thing that makes most people hesitate from decorating their walls is the need to put nails in the walls to hang either decorative items or photo frames. Not only is it troublesome to put nails in the wall but they can also cause damage to the wall or the color. And, dealing with nails and hammer seems is not something that most people prefer. This is where Wallpics comes in handy.

The stylishly-designed photo boards by Wallpics are stickable and do not require hanging. That means, there is no need to get nails and screws. Just stick them on the wall to exhibit the memorable moments of your life and fill up your house with happy vibes. This is one of the main reasons why Wallpics is considered to be safe wall decorative items. Unlike other items like photo frames, ropes, paintings and many more, Wallpics do not require nails or screws. Furthermore, whether you like minimalist or extravagant style, you can use Wallpics to create DIY wall décor as per your preference.

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3. No Harm to the wall

It is not uncommon for wall décor items to cause damage to the wall, either leave marks behind or cause damage to the pain on the wall. That is the reason why, most people, especially the ones living in rented houses, hesitate to put up anything on the wall. This is where Wallpics outshines other wall décor items. The stylish photo tiles from Wallpics come with sticky pads attached to the back. Those premium-quality sticky pads are made in a way that they tend to last for a long period of time. And, in case, the sticky pads lose their stickiness, you can always contact Wallpics and they will replace them for no cost at all whatsoever.

With other decorative items like paintings, hanging frames, one has to be careful as they can leave a trace behind whilst also harming the paint on the wall. But that is not the case with Wallpics. As with this app you get to put up the great moments of your life on the wall without having to worry about its possible effect on the condition of the wall.

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4. Easy to Move Around

One particular quality of Wallpics that makes it stand out from the other wall décor items is that it can be easily moved around from one wall to another. That is correct. You can stick or unstick Wallpics on different walls. Whether you want to change things up a little by moving the photo tiles from one wall to a different one or you want to create your own DIY wall décor. Whatever may be the reason behind, you can easily and effortlessly unstick the Wallpics from one wall without having to worry about the stick pads wearing out.

Maximum wall décor items are hard to move around. As with them, you will have to put up nails in the new wall and also make sure that a new décor item is put up in its place on the previous wall, as empty nails on the walls are usually unsightly. With Wallpics it becomes extremely easy to move things around. Every once a while, you can change the look of the interior space by just moving the Wallpics from one wall to another.

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5. Personalization

It goes without saying that nowadays there are innumerable items available in the stores that can be used for decorating the walls of the house. But when it comes to adding the touch of personalization, no other home décor item does it as well as Wallpics. Whether you want to put up the pics of your childhood or want to create your own travel-themed gallery wall, you can do it all with Wallpics.

Their perfectly-sized pic boards let you exhibit the memorable times of your life and create a cozy environment in the house. Furthermore, the presence of great pictures is one of the best ways to personalize the interior space. Whether it is a personal photo or just a photo of a place you wish to visit, you can get them on photo boards and decorate the walls with them.

6. Popularity

Being a real app that deserves one’s attention, Wallpics has become popular among such famous people as a volleyball player Sydel Curry, reality television cast-member Teresa Giudice, model and television personality Holly Madison among many. These people have already tried Wallpics out and are sure that it’s great! Wallpics Photo Tiles have made the walls speak and the house made look fresh and attractive as if after the renovation.

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Show some love to your walls by putting up Wallpics that display the good times of your life and share it with the people who visit you. Wallet-friendly and stylish photo tiles from Wallpics are sure to customize the walls and showcase the moments you want to live over and over again.