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A potentially revolutionary invention could see mall parking lots, as well as streets and other ground surfaces, paved with solar panels. It sounds outlandish but it's already being funded and tested, and its inventors are seeking funding to make it a reality. Interestingly, the technology would also allow for parking surfaces to be modified with ease, as LED-illuminated roadway lighting would replace painted asphalt. Its inventors say that the technology will pay for itself, not to mention be beneficial to the environment.  

Solar parking lots (and streets) could do the following: 

  • allow malls to create handicapped and other targeted parking zones, based on needs at the moment,
  • improve road safety by changing traffic patterns in real time when needed, essentially eliminating the need for painted roadways
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To the left is an updated rendering of Roots' expanded and renovated Downtown Vancouver flagship store. Its exterior will be transformed, becoming more modern and attractive. In February, we interviewed Roots Canada co-founder Michael Budman, about his company's proposed renovation and expansion to Root's Vancouver flagship. Roots recently re-signed a long-term lease for the Vancouver retail space as part of its renovation and expansion plans...

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