Retail Insider Launches 2 Morning Emails

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Attention Readers,

Retail Insider will now be sending out 2 morning emails to subscribers, in an effort to bypass email spam filters. A small percentage of readers have mentioned that they haven’t been getting Retail Insider’s daily e-news email newsletters on a daily basis. This can be attributed to overzealous spam filters blocking certain keywords. 

Content on the website won’t change in any way as a result. 

Spam filters occasionally recognize certain ‘financial’ words as spam. We occasionally use such wording in some of our reporting.

To remedy the issue, one of our two morning emails will direct readers to the daily news on our website -- including our exclusive written content, as well as our daily news links from around the web. Our other morning email will remain the same. 

Please add to your approved senders/contacts list to bypass spam filters. This is the email address that we’ll be using to send out morning emails to direct readers to our site. 

As well, please add to your approved senders/contacts list, as this is the email that will continue to be used, at least for now, to send out our regular e-news as we’ve been doing for the past couple of years. 

Thank you for subscribing to Retail Insider, and have an excellent day. 


Craig Patterson, Editor-in-Chief, Retail Insider. 

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