What millenials look for in a job: 5 observations

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By Gianne Hill

The media has not always been kind to millennials (i.e. those born between the early 1980s and mid 1990s), often labelling them as entitled or flighty. But it’s not that they’re lazy — they simply have different priorities to previous generations, and this extends to the workplace. Here are five observations on what they look for in a job.

1. Flexibility

The traditional 9-5 routine isn’t quite a thing of the past, but it’s not as commonplace as it once was, nor do millennials look for it, necessarily.

Instead, they look for flexible working hours which fit around their busy lives, especially if they’re parents. Whether it’s the ability to work from home or set their own hours, millennials appreciate having control. They would rather concentrate on the quality of the work done than the number of hours it takes to do it.

2. Trust and loyalty

The days of soulless micromanaging are over. Millennials don’t want to be seen as just another number — they expect to be treated as individuals and to be valued by the companies they work for.

Trust in their ability to do their job, meet deadlines, and do it well is always appreciated. And it’s a two-way street: trust and loyalty from the employer lead to trust and loyalty from the employee.

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3. Benefits

With rising living costs a key concern for many, employee benefits are becoming more and more important to millennials. Security does a lot for peace of mind. A good pension scheme is a must, especially if you offer the option to switch providers, and health insurance is a plus — nobody wants to worry about their finances if they’re unwell.

4. Opportunity

Contrary to several media reports claiming millennials are work-shy, they are actually anything but. According to a recent survey, having the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge themselves is the number-one thing millennials look for in a job. They’re keen to sharpen their skills and will consider moving sideways, rather than simply ascending the career ladder.

Millennials are also more willing to leave a job behind if they feel they’re not getting anything from it. It’s less common for someone to spend their entire career with one company or even in one industry, giving this generation greater mobility.

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5. Social responsibility

Many millennials seek to make a positive impact on the world and expect their workplace to do the same, whether it’s by making a contribution to the local community or living up to a specific set of values. Purpose is just as important as profit, if not more so, and a socially conscious company will be in a much better position to hire (and keep) millennial workers.

What do you look for in a job? Have you noticed any changes in what potential employees are seeking from their careers? Let us know in the comments.