Agent Provocateur Opens Canadian Flagship

Photo:  androiduk , Urban Toronto. 

Photo: androiduk, Urban Toronto. 

British lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur has opened a flagship store at Canada's most luxurious retail plaza -- The Colonnade at 131 Bloor Street West in Toronto. Agent Provocateur occupies just over 1,250 square feet, next to upscale German women's brand, Escada

Agent Provocateur is considered to be a luxury lingerie company. It was founded in 1994 by the son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. It operates 89 stores worldwide, including 17 U.S. stores. Of its American locations, 13 are free-standing while four are operated concessions within Bloomingdale's stores. 

Click image for full PDF : Lease Plan, Morguard 

Click image for full PDF: Lease Plan, Morguard 

There are currently three small Agent Provocateur boutiques in Canada. All are concessions within Holt Renfrew's flagships in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto (Bloor Street). Each concession measures about 150 square feet, substantially smaller than the new Toronto flagship. Holt Renfrew's first Agent Provocateur concession opened in March of 2012 in Vancouver, followed by Montreal in October of 2012, and Toronto in November of 2013. 

Vancouver was once home to Canada's first and only free-standing Agent Provocateur store. The franchised location opened on Alberni Street in late 2007, and it closed in the summer of 2011. Sources say that the franchise owner lacked retail experience, contributing to the location's failure. The store's former retail space is now occupied by crafts retailer Michael's. 

The Colonnade in Toronto, managed by Morguard, features Canada's highest-density of mono-brand luxury retailers. Located at 131 Bloor Street West, the complex includes locations for Chanel, Mulberry, Prada, Cartier, Fogal of Switzerland and Escada, among others. 

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