List of Department Stores Opening and Expanding in Canada

Rendering:  Jason Goldstein LLP

The following is a list of 10 department stores which are either new to Canada, or expanding their operations nationally. Some are confirmed, while others are more speculative. It's sponsored by Vancouver-based Peregrine, which custom designs and fabricates retail, display, furniture and architectural features for some of the country's top retailers. 

Noticeably absent from the list are large discount retailers such as Winners, Giant Tiger and Marshall's. We'll do a separate list for these categories (including updates on hr2, Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th by Saks Fifth Avenue) in the coming weeks. 

Bloomingdale's Toronto, Vancouver (both are speculation, though Bloomingdale's confirms search for Toronto store space) - 120,000 sq ft+ New 2+ (speculation)
Holt Renfrew Mississauga (120,000 sq ft, 2016), Toronto Men's Store (16,500 sq ft, Opened Oct 1 at 100 Bloor St. W.), Montreal Ogilvy/Holt's (220,000 sq ft, opening 2017), speculated Edmonton replacement store. Expanding 8-9 (depending on possible Sherway Gardens closure)
La Maison Simons West Vancouver (105,000 sq ft, fall 2015), Gatineau, QC (80,000 sq ft, fall 2015), Mississauga (Square One, 113,000 sq ft, spring 2016), Ottawa (102,000 sq ft, August 2016) Calgary (1, and possibly 2 locations, 2017), Winnipeg (speculated), Downtown Toronto (speculated), Yorkdale Shopping Centre (120,000 sq ft, speculated) Expanding 13 confirmed, 17+ possibly
Nordstrom Ottawa (157,000 sq ft, March 2015), Vancouver (230,000 sq ft, September 2015), Toronto (213,000 sq ft Eaton Centre, 191,000 sq ft Yorkdale - both fall 2016), Sherway Gardens (138,000 sq ft, spring 2017), Edmonton (~155,000 sq ft, speculated), Winnipeg (125,000+ sq ft, speculated. New (Calgary store opened Sept. 19) 7 - 10
Primark Speculation, though sources confirm interest. New Unknown
Saks Fifth Avenue Toronto (150,000 sq ft Toronto Eaton Centre, fall 2016), Toronto (130,000 sq ft Sherway Gardens, fall 2016), Downtown Vancouver (120,000-150,000 sq ft), Downtown Montreal (100,000-140,000 sq ft), Calgary (speculated), speculated suburban Vancouver (Oakridge Centre), Toronto (120,000 sq ft, Yorkdale Shopping Centre) and Montreal (Carrefour Laval) stores. New 7-8
Sporting Life [Technically not a department store, but locations 30-50k sq ft] Markham, ON (32,000 sq ft - opened in September), Ottawa (Lansdowne Park, 43,000 sq ft, opening this month), Richmond Hill, ON (44,000 sq ft, 2016), Calgary (Southcentre, 46,000, fall 2016), Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal. Expanding 11+
Target Fall 2014: Sheridan Centre - Mississauga, Polo Park - Winnipeg, St. Laurent Boulevard - Ottawa Expanding 133
Walmart 35 Supercentres opened/opening in 2014 Expanding 395
Uniqlo [Not a department store, but locations may surpass 30,000 sq ft] Speculated 2016 store openings for Toronto (Downtown, Yorkdale Shopping Centre) Vancouver (Robson Street) as well as subsequent locations for Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and Canada-wide. New Unknown