Woman trapped in Hudson's Bay store is rescued

A woman became trapped in a Downtown Toronto Hudson's Bay store after it closed Wednesday evening. Emily Keeler had been shopping at the Yonge and Bloor Hudson's Bay store (which until recently was expected to become a Saks Fifth Avenue store) when she discovered that the store had been closed and she could not get out. Ms. Keeler fortunately had access to her Twitter account and provided comment and photos of her experience.

We and others watched on Twitter while Ms. Keeler sought ways to exit the store. Some Twitter followers made light of the situation: for example, references to the popular 1980's children's TV show Today's Special (which took place after hours at Toronto's Simpson's department store, now the flagship Hudson's Bay 'Queen Street' store). 

After various attempts to find her way out, a store manager (or managers?) set her free. The entire ordeal appears to have lasted about 40 minutes. Ms. Keeler has declined to provide interviews on her experience.

[Hudson's Bay website]


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