Quebec's busiest mall (Montreal Eaton Centre) to change its name in a merger

Quebec's busiest mall, the Montreal Eaton Centre, will change its name as it merges with the adjacent Complexe Les Ailes. The mall's new name has yet to be determined by landlord Ivanhoe Cambridge

The name change will happen once Complexe Les Ailes' anchor tenant, Les Ailes de la Mode, closes. The store was initially expected to close in February of 2014. Both malls will be renovated to create a unified appearance and branding. 

With an estimated 26 million visitors annually, the Montreal Eaton Centre is also one of Canada's busiest malls. It opened in 1990, adjacent to a 1 million square foot Eaton's department store. Following Eaton's bankruptcy and store closure in 1999, the lower part of the department store's space was converted to a 223,000 square foot Les Ailes de la Mode store. Les Ailes opened with much fanfare in 2002, though it proved too large to be profitable. In 2004 Les Ailes was reduced in size to about 77,000 square feet and Complexe Les Ailes was expanded. 

The newly created shopping centre will be part of a massive spending project by Ivanhoe Cambridge to update several of its Montreal commercial properties. 

Source: La Presse

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