Vancouver Port Strike will hurt Canadian retailing: Retail Council of Canada

Strike action by container truckers is scheduled to begin today at 12:00noon PST at the Port of Metro Vancouver's container terminals. The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) wants to avert the strike at Canada's busiest port, as the resultant disruption of goods will have negative consequences for Canada's retail industry. 

According to the RCC, this disruption of container traffic comes at a time when there is already a significant backlog of containers as a result of weather conditions in Central and Eastern Canada. According to Diane J. Brisebois, President and CEO of the RCC, "The operation of the Port of Vancouver is of vital importance to the retail industry across Canada. Retailers view the current labour dispute with growing concern."

The Port of Metro Vancouver handles over $170-billion in goods annually. Even a few days' disruption can have a major economic impact on Canada's retail industry.   "Our greatest concern is that Canadian consumers will not be able to obtain the goods they require.  While it may be possible to re-route some containers through U.S. west coast ports, one inevitable consequence of doing so will be higher prices for consumers and lower economic activity in Canada," Ms. Brisebois added.

The RCC noted that the strike will have an impact on Canadian consumers, and that there will also be potential consequences for retail employment if goods are not getting through.  

SOURCE Retail Council of Canada press release