Yorkdale to feature one of Canada's most advanced security systems

Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre will soon feature one of the most advanced security surveillance systems in Canada. It will cost approximately $3.4-million to implement.

The new surveillance cameras, some of which are capable of providing up to 29 megapixel images, will allow security to zoom in on incidents and the individuals involved to capture images in remarkable detail. In addition, licence plate recognition technology now exists at every parking lot entry point which Toronto Police Services has indicated will prove extremely useful in police investigations. 

The new security installation at Yorkdale Shopping Centre features three key innovations:

  • Complete 360-degree coverage delivering almost 100 per cent surveillance coverage of public spaces
  • Exceptionally high resolution image capture that allows magnification in remarkable detail; up until now, surveillance images didn’t always provide sufficient detail to assist police investigations
  • A surveillance room staffed by trained security officers monitoring live feeds 24/7 from all surveillance cameras

“Shopper safety is our number one priority and this security installation will make Yorkdale a very undesirable place for criminal activity,” said Anthony Casalanguida, Oxford Properties’ Director of Retail.  “We now have the one of the most technologically advanced surveillance coverage systems available to help deter crime, assist police investigations, and help people feel safe.”
“Yorkdale has always had excellent security and surveillance,” said Superintendent Selwyn Fernandes of Toronto Police Services 32 Division.“Yorkdale is raising the bar in private security and the kind of detail its security team can now deliver will be a real deterrent to criminal activity and, when needed, will be an asset to police investigations. We applaud the management and security team for making this investment.”

[Yorkdale Shopping Centre website]