6 of Canada's top 25 most valuable brands are retailers

A new ranking of Canada's top 25 most valuable brands includes six retailers. The report, published every two years by consulting firm Interbrand, attempts to assign monetary values to brands. Eligible brands must be profitable, prolific, and provide publicly available financial information.

The six Canadian retailers' ranks and estimated brand values are as follows:

7. Shoppers Drug Mart: $3.193 billion,

9. Lululemon Athletica: $2.92 billion,

13. Canadian Tire: $1.708 billion,

15. Dollarama: $1.273 billion,

19: Winners: $763 million,

25: La Senza: $324 million.

Interbrand's report includes brands that have Canadian origin, even if the brand is foreignly owned. Winners and La Senza are both examples: both are American owned, though they were founded in Canada.  Winners is owned by TJX Companies, and La Senza is owned by Limited Brands.

Five of the six above-mentioned retailers were in Interbrand's 2012 top 25 ranking. The sixth entrant, Montreal-based Dollarama, is an interesting case study. Dollarama broke “virtually all of the established retail rules,” according to the study. Dollarama doesn't advertise, except to promote new store openings. It doesn't put items on sale, nor does it run in-store promotions. Also lacking loyalty programs or coupons, Dollarama flies in the face of conventional retail strategies. And it's working: it plans to add 400 more stores to its already 800 Canadian locations.

The report is also disappointing. Only one of the previous five ranked retailers gained brand value between 2012 and 2014 and that was Winners, gaining 12%. Shoppers Drug Mart remained the same between 2012 and 2014, while Lululemon lost 10%, Canadian Tire lost 9%, and La Senza lost 11% of its brand value.

The full Interbrand report can be downloaded here.

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