Canadian Company Innovates Credit Card Comparisons

A Canadian company claims that it provides consumers the ability to search for, compare and apply for credit cards by converting every points, rewards, and miles program to a comparative cash value. The company,, shows users how much each credit card can earn or save them based on their individual profile.

GreedyRates differentiates itself by ranking credit cards impartially based on the value of the rewards earnings or interest savings each credit card offers the user. It developers have converted the points of each reward program to their dollar equivalent value, to help users compare credit cards 'apples to apples'.

Many credit cards reward users with cash back, miles and points. By combining the dollar value of the sign-up bonus, ongoing rewards, and annual fee with the user's spending habits, GreedyRates says that it gives consumers a clearer picture of how much each credit card is worth to them.

Unlike many other card comparison sites, GreedyRates doesn't just focus on credit cards from companies that pay it a commission. Nor does it rank credit cards based on which credit card company pays the highest commission.

"We're excited to bring GreedyRates out of beta and have seen great consumer reaction already, with growing daily traffic and social interaction," said Marc Felgar, founder of GreedyRates. "We make an honest effort to reveal the true value of each credit card and provide unique rankings for each user based on impartial, transparent, data driven formulas. No one credit card is best for everyone. But GreedyRates gives Canadian consumers a tool to help them make a smart, informed decision, and find the best credit card for them," added Felgar.

According to the company, there is no registration required to use GreedyRates.


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