Five Ways to Find The Best Retail Job Search Websites

By Lisa McCann

Utilizing the best job search websites is an essential step in attracting the right candidates for your business. Companies often struggle with selecting which boards will be most effective for their industries and specific role postings. Traffic, content and price are all important factors to look at when making a selection, however you need to see if your business is analyzing these factors accurately. Here are some helpful tips for traits to look at when selecting the best job search websites for your business. 

1.    Relevant Traffic
Volume is not the most important trait of a successful job board. Relevant volume is what companies should hold most interest in when selecting which boards to post on. Firstly, it needs to be identified which boards job seekers are looking on in your industry. Secondly, you must identify which boards your industry and talent competitors are actively posting on. Both these elements will help you drive more applicable and higher quality applicants. Relevant traffic will also help build your brand awareness as job seekers will begin to become familiar with your company and start recognizing your postings.

2.    Relevant Content
Branded job descriptions help give job seekers a feel for what your company is about or reiterate what they already know about you. Your posting should feel and sound like your brand, this also includes adding images and logos to generate appeal. Also, the amount of activity of new job posting is important to look at as this will indicate how many relevant jobs and content is being produced by the specific site. If new jobs are continuously being posted, job seekers will be actively looking and searching out new positions. It’s also important to look at not only the activity but the amount of similar postings. If the postings are similar to your competition, this again will attract job seekers to continuously come back to seek out postings.

3.    Price
Price is an important factor but shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Companies should be aware of price points but if you see the value attached to the set price, then for your company it may be worth the extra dollar. If companies are spending money on job postings, then it’s important to start calculating the cost-per-hire. This will give employers a way to track what they are spending on recruitment and comparing it to their return on recruiting investments. 

4.    Quick Apply
The ease of applying to a job board is a deciding factor for many applicants. When the task is made to be simple and quick, you will see that more applicants are applying to your postings. This is the first stage of the application and the larger the pool of applicants the more likely you will find the best fit. Therefore, the easier the process of applying to a job, the better end result your business will achieve.

5.    Refresh
It’s essential that job search websites are continuously refreshing your postings and keeping your company top of mind. Additionally, removing any jobs that have been filled will allow job seekers to not waste time applying for jobs that do not exist. Remember that when you are deciding which job boards to use you should always test them first. If you are struggling to find a job or work through the job board, it’s highly probable that job seekers will not be successful in finding and applying for your posting.

Check out for an example of a job search website which services many well-known retail and hourly employers!   

Lisa McCann is the Corporate Marketing Manager at Vancouver-based recruitment company, Mindfield Group.

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