Will Kate Spade replace Canada's shuttered Juicy Couture stores?

Kate Spade, Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Kate Spade, Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Parent company Kate Spade Inc. has closed Juicy Couture's Canadian stores. Not all is lost, however, as several Juicy Couture locations could become Kate Spade stores. The same is happening with its American locations, causing some to speculate that as many as four new Kate Spade shops could open in Canada by the end of this summer.   

Juicy Couture's shuttered Pacific Centre location. Photo: Craig Patterson

Juicy Couture's shuttered Pacific Centre location. Photo: Craig Patterson

Kate Spade Inc. recently sold Juicy Couture's license to American department store retailer, Kohl's. Spade retained Juicy Couture's store leases, however, including its Canadian retail spaces.

Juicy's last full-priced Canadian location closes today: a 2,975 square foot unit at Toronto's Sherway Gardens. Its 2,500 square foot Toronto Eaton Centre location closed on Saturday, May 17th, and its 2,250 square foot Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Toronto) and 3,500 square foot Pacific Centre (Vancouver) locations have already shuttered. Its outlet location at Toronto's Vaughan Mills remains open for now, and is scheduled to close on June 30th. 

Kate Spade currently has two Canadian stores as well as one outlet, all in the Toronto area. Its first Canadian store opened at Yorkdale in the winter of 2012, and its 4,000 square foot Cumberland Street flagship opened in the summer of 2013. West Edmonton Mall's recently announced Kate Spade store, the first outside of Toronto, is currently under construction.

Kate Spade could replace Juicy Couture locations at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Sherway Gardens and Pacific Centre. Yorkdale already has a 1,620 square foot Kate Spade store, though the mall's 2,250 square foot Juicy Couture space is larger. Spade could also replace Juicy's Vaughan Mills space, though the Toronto Premium Outlets already boasts Canada's only Kate Spade outlet. 

We'll update you when we learn which Canadian Juicy Couture locations will become Kate Spade stores.

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