A 1st for Canada: May declared 'National Deals & Coupons Month'

For the first time in Canada, May has been declared as 'National Deals & Coupons Month'. Both retail and deal/coupon industries have joined to offer Canadians savings, as well as raise awareness to the availability of deals and coupons for Canadians. The Deals & Coupons Month is an initiative of the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association and the Affiliate Marketing Association of Canada.

Over 60% of Canadians regularly use deals, coupons and offers and the demand continues to grow. The month-long shopping event recognizes both consumers who enjoy and benefit from the savings, and brands/retailers who understand that special promotions drive value and attention. Besides shopping in-store, consumers can also click over to the Deals & Coupons Month website where certain retailers will also be highlighted. Helping consumers know where they can save is the primary goal of the Deals & Coupons Month.

"Establishing a Deals & Coupons Month is a way to bring awareness to the shear amount of potential savings consumers can obtain in Canada", said Albert S. Bitton, President of the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association and creator of Canada's National Deals & Coupons Month. "We are very proud of the caliber of brands taking part in this initiative as their involvement creates a shopping event that we foresee will continue for years to come and that truly benefits everyone involved, especially consumers."

With providers including Save.ca, one of the country's leading coupon sites; Airmilesshops, the country's Air Miles shopping mall; TravelAlerts - one of the country's foremost travel promotion services; and WagJag, one of the leading deals sites in Canada, there is a steady stream of offers from quality companies available for consumers to choose from for the rest of this month.

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