Most Canadian Fruits & Passion locations rebranded as TheFaceShop



Most Canadian Fruits & Passion locations rebranded as TheFaceShop: 

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find Canadian locations for bodycare retailer Fruits & Passion, as most locations are rebranding. Most of its Quebec locations will continue operating under the Fruits & Passion name, however, as will a handful of franchised Canadian locations outside of Quebec. The rest have been or will be converted to TheFaceShop, a popular South Korean cosmetics and skincare retailer. This Canadian branding transition is currently ongoing.  



In June of 2013, Fruits & Passion's parent company, S.C. Johnson & Sons Inc., sold the brand to South Korean conglomerate LG Corp. LG is parent company of TheFaceShop. A handful of franchised Fruits & Passions locations, including its store at Place d'Orléans in suburban Ottawa, will remain. The Company's Quebec stores will also continue operating under the Fruits & Passion name for the foreseeable future. 

Interview requests with the company were denied, though staff at some former Fruits & Passion locations confirm that the brand has struggled in much of Canada. Many Quebec Fruits & Passion locations continue to see strong sales, partly due to its exceptional brand identity and market coverage. 

According to its website, the TheFaceShop has over 2,300 stores in 29 countries. 

CANADIAN RETAIL NEWS: Thursday, July 3, 2014 (Updated Continuously)


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