VIDEO: The future of Canadian retail

We found the above video interesting. It examines the future of Canadian retail, from technology to the increased proliferation of American retailers. It discusses the 'blurring' between retail and technology, as eCommerce continues to grow. Stores will become 'showrooms' where customers can buy products to be shipped, while larger stores become the equivalent of distribution centres. Technology is key for some Canadian shopping malls, from social media presence to innovative parking lot wayfinding. Technology also benefits American retailers in their expansion to Canada, as many already know what we like from what we order online.  

The video demonstrates an interesting technology that provides a virtual 'fly through', allowing retailers to see what their store will look like if built in a mall. Pop-up stores were also mentioned in the video, as they are seeing increased interest from both consumers and retailers. We've decided to write an article about the proliferation of Canadian pop-up stores as a result. 

Below is a video by Retail Council of Canada's President and CEO, Diane J. Brisbois. She discusses the transformation she's seeing in the retail landscape, from social media to the evolution of the omni-channel. She argues that the biggest challenge for retailers is finding the right 'fit', finding the most effective ways to meaningfully connect with consumers. 

"Technology has been the great enabler," says Brisebois. "It's the platform that's changing retail faster than we've ever seen before."

Below, Canadian Tire President Michael Medline says that technology, new digital channels and "the always on customer" are disrupting retail immensely. He says that technology is important, but notes that the human experience of shopping and deciding on purchases remain paramount.

Below, Diane Brisebois describes Canadian Tire's 'Store of the Future', presented at Store Conference 2014.  

We hope you have an excellent weekend, and we'll be back on Monday. 

CANADIAN RETAIL NEWS: Friday, June 13, 2014 (Updated Continuously)


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