Please Take a Moment to Vote Retail

In only a few moments, you can send a pre-drafted email to your local federal election candidates telling them about the importance of retail to Canada's economy. Retail employs over 2.2 million Canadians, making it our largest private sector employer. With annual sales in excess of $350 billion (excluding vehicle and gasoline sales), retail also drives Canadian growth and jobs. 

You can send a pre-drafted letter by clicking this link ----> VOTERETAIL.CA

Retail Council of Canada has developed four policies to help retailers of all sizes in the industry to remain competitive in light of global competition, as well as to provide meaningful and stable jobs. These policies include: 

  • Lowering merchant credit card fees (which are among the highest in the world),
  • Eliminating import taxes on consumer goods that drive retail prices higher,
  • Maintaining the $20 maximum duty exemption for goods purchased online from abroad, and
  • Recognizing the importance of retail by supporting Canada’s merchants by developing an industry strategy that supports small, mid-size and large retailers.

The initiative's goal is to ensure local candidates understand the impact of retail on their community and how, if elected, they can support Canada's retail sector. At the moment, federal parties receive a 'D' grade based on their retail policy and strategy submissions to the Retail Council of Canada. These responses are on the website

“We are disappointed and troubled by what we’ve heard from the parties so far,” said Diane J. Brisebois, President and CEO of Retail Council of Canada. “While there is some support for selected issues, as a whole the parties just don’t get it. Canada’s retail industry is a key economic driver, responsible for 2.2 million jobs in malls and main streets in every community across the country. But it is also an industry that is going through a period of unprecedented change with the rise of e-commerce, mobile shopping and regulatory policies that continue to challenge our competitiveness.”

David Wilkes, Senior Vice-President of Government Relations for Retail Council of Canada adds: “Whoever forms the next government must have a comprehensive agenda in place to foster a strong and buoyant retail industry.” Wilkes went on to say that "As always a key focus for Retail Council of Canada is ensuring that government policies do not have the effect of driving Canadian prices higher. Higher prices often result in fewer products being available to consumers and ultimately drive consumers to retail options that do not benefit the Canadian economy”.


Canadian Retail News From Around The Web: October 13, 2015