School of Retailing Releases Urban Grocery Store Study


A recent study conducted by the University of Alberta School of Retailing's Applied Research department is now available free of charge. The Applied Research group is also available to do customized research, tailored to individual client needs. 

The study examined current and proposed grocery store locations in seven Canadian urban centres, as well as mapped out potentially underserved areas which may benefit from new grocery stores. The study specifically analysed high-density inner-city areas in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Existing and proposed grocery stores are mapped with a 500 metre radius trade area, and opportunities for new grocery stores were examined based on a lack of nearby grocery stores, taking into account current and projected populations. 

The study found exceptional inner-city grocery store availability in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, with less in the other four cities studied. New grocery stores are proposed in all cities’ urban cores, particularly in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. All seven Canadian cities have opportunities for new grocery stores, as revealed in the study.

You may download the entire PDF study here

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Canadian Retail News From Around The Web: November 18, 2015