Petition Launched to Provide Fashion Designers Same Cultural Grants as Other Artists

Toronto-based fashion lawyer and trademark agent Anjli Patel has launched a petition to the Ontario government, requesting that fashion designers be given access to the same cultural grants as other artists. It only takes moments to sign, and it can be found here:

Ms. Patel is specifically petitioning the Ontario government to:

                             Anjli Patel

                             Anjli Patel

  1. List fashion under Culture on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport website, and
  2. Introduce funding for fashion designers.

Ms. Patel says that recently, some of Ontario’s leading museums and galleries have hosted fashion exhibitions of equal quality to traditional exhibitions in fine art and natural history, including the following: 

Given that these institutions recognize the cultural importance of fashion, the Ontario government should do so, as well, said Ms. Patel. The Culture on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport website features the following: 

  • aboriginal communities
  • archaeology
  • arts and artists
  • cemeteries
  • creative cluster
  • cultural planning
  • heritage
  • libraries, and
  • museums. 

It is the opinion of Ms. Patel, as well as many others, that fashion designers should be able to apply for government funding alongside artists. Without proper funding, Ontario fashion designers cannot be expected to develop successful fashion businesses and museum-quality fashion exhibits. 

Please take a moment and register your vote here:

As well, you can also register a separate 'thumbs up' to the initiative here: