L’Oréal Discusses Urban Decay Canadian Store Expansion

L’Oréal owned, California-based cosmetics brand Urban Decay will open more Canadian stores over the next 12 months, according to L’Oreal Canada’s Chief Retail Officer, Jared MacKay. Urban Decay's first Canadian location opened in September at Metropolis at Metrotown near Vancouver, and a second store will open early next month at Mississauga’s Square One

The 632 square foot Metropolis at Metrotown unit features four makeup stations and products not available elsewhere, an 'inspiration wall', a giant digital screen displaying visitors' photos on a live social feed, 100-inch custom nickel chandelier, and a bigger-than-life dog statue made of chrome -- a nod to co-founder Wende Zomnir’s black lab, Marley. The Square One store will be about 1,300 square feet and will boast eight makeup stations, as well as features found in the Metrotown unit. The company described the space as having "reclaimed wide-beam flooring,” to counterbalance "all the chrome fixtures and keeps the space warm and inviting.” Square One’s Urban Decay opens on Saturday, December 3. 

(Click above for interactive Square One mall map) 

(Click above for interactive Square One mall map) 

Freestanding Urban Decay retail spaces allow for ‘full expression’ of the brand, something which can be a challenge on multi-brand sales floors lacking individual brand space. Urban Decay’s new stores feature a purple-and-white environment, as well as features mentioned above that create an overall branding experience. 

Mr. MacKay said that more Canadian locations will follow, thought he’s not sure how many Urban Decay locations, ultimately, that we might see in Canada. He noted, that the company will be mindful of existing wholesale accounts, expanding strategically to complement these, while seeking out ideal locations in selectively strategic markets. Urban Decay is represented by Oakmont Real Estate Services in its Canadian real estate search, and is seeking space generally in the 750 square foot to 1,250 square foot range. 

Urban Decay was founded in Newport Beach, California, in 1996 by Pat Holmes, Sandy Lerner, Wende Zomnir and David Soward. Ms. Zomnir is the company's co-CEO, along with Tim Warner. After multiple ownerships (including LVMH Group), L'Oreal purchased Urban Decay in 2013 for an estimated $350 million. The line prides itself for being 'cruelty free' by not testing on animals. The brand's 'Naked Collection' is considered to be among one of the highest-quality cosmetics brands available, and the company has collaborated with celebrities such as Gwen Stafani on initiatives, including female empowerment. The brand has only a handful of freestanding US locations. 

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