Why the Biggest Online Retailers are Opening Bricks and Mortar Stores [Infographic]

Photo: Frank & Oak

Photo: Frank & Oak

In recent years a variety of online retailers have been opening bricks and mortar stores to complement their online business. They have realized the benefits of being more than just an online retailer and have begun running online and offline simultaneously.

When you consider that 78% of customers prefer to shop in-store and they spend 6 times more in-store than online it is hardly surprising. 73% of customers want to try on or touch merchandise before committing to any purchase and bricks and mortar stores provide a convenient option for customers.

For example, even Apple now has 444 retail stores worldwide which allows their customers to interact with and touch their products, and they plan on opening even more in the future. Online giant Google also opened their first store in London in March 2015  in an effort to get closer to their customers.

Find out more about the reasons behind online retailers opening bricks and mortar stores in this info-graphic from Store Traffic.