Jean Machine Updates Store Concept

Yorkdale store. Photo: Jean Machine

Yorkdale store. Photo: Jean Machine

Toronto-based denim-focused multi-brand fashion retailer Jean Machine is looking to expand its target market by launching an enhanced store concept. The 40-year old retailer recently revealed its first new location with its updated environment, and more are expected to follow. 

A relocated Jean Machine store at Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre is meant to attract a more mature clientele, according to the retailer's Marketing Director, Jason Perlman. Jean Machine has traditionally focused on younger shoppers, and the new 1,550 square foot Yorkdale location provides a slightly more inviting environment for mature shoppers. An industrial feel provides a backdrop for Jean Machine's products, and the store look could be rolled-out into other locations. Larger, more comfortable dressing rooms are an added feature, along with vintage accents throughout the store. The company works with a store designer who Mr. Perlman says is now 'practically in-house', having done so many of the retailer's stores over the past number of years. 

It isn't just updated interiors that are meant to attract more mature shoppers, however -- Mr. Perlman explained how music at the new Yorkdale store isn't quite as high-tempo as that in other locations. Music is still vibrant and an important component to the overall retail environment, he said. 

Farla Efros, President of prominent retail consultancy HRC Advisory, said that retailers need to be careful when going after different target markets -- especially during these turbulent times in retail. A "slow and methodical" approach is required, and being able to "test" is key to success, she said. Jean Machine's new Yorkdale location is near a more "mature customer base", Ms. Efros noted, making the location and repositioning ideal. 

Family-owned Jean Machine will continue to focus its operations in Ontario, according to Mr. Perlman, where the retailer operates 35 locations. There's potential for expansion at some point, though the owners are looking to keep operations close to home for the moment. Existing store locations will remain Jean Machine's focus, as it modifies its strategy to broaden its customer base. E-commerce will also play an increasingly important role for the retailer, he said, as Jean Machine also focuses on enhancing omni-channel initiatives. 

*Photos were supplied by Jean Machine.

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