DNA Tea Seeks Retail Partners

Innovative Canadian tea brand DNA Tea is seeking retail partners for its exclusive line of 100% authentic Darjeeling medicinal teas, which are blended with 35 rare herbs. Developed by Dr. Rahul Kushwah over the past 18 months, the brand is also looking to eventually open its own freestanding locations with retail partners. 

The herbal ingredients in the teas have been medically shown to positively impact the human body, with health benefits supported by clinical trials. Remarkably, DNA Tea is the only tea-based natural product proven to do so. Its effects range from protecting DNA, preventing cancer, improving metabolism, improving libido, eliminating toxins from the body, enhancing immunity to even improving the health of hair and skin. The five DNA Tea lines include:

*DNA Tea Libido
*DNA Tea Hair & Skin
*DNA Tea Metabolism
*DNA Tea Detox
*DNA Tea Immunity

Links to each of these above provide extensive descriptions of how they work.

DNA Tea's blends use a combination of 35 herbs shown to impact, protect and enhance the working of the human body. They were also developed to be delicious, according to Dr. Kushwah, with flavour coming exclusively from 100% Darjeeling Tea and 100% pure herbs. Unlike other tea manufacturers, DNA Tea has no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring and no external flavouring, he said. At the same time, unlike other detox products available in health food stores which taste like “medicine”, DNA Tea is completely free of laxatives and at the same time is aromatic and delectable.

Antioxidant-rich Darjeeling teas have high levels of complex molecules such as theaflavins and thearubigins, with proven health benefits. Darjeeling tea is the most expensive, exotic and exclusive tea in the world, grown in only in 78 tea gardens at elevation of 6000 feet in the Himalayan Darjeeling hills. Darjeeling tea is the only tea designated as “Champagne of Teas” by the UK Tea council. DNA Tea takes pride in being the only company to use premium Darjeeling tea in all of their products.

Dr. Kushwah’s background is particularly notable, having been Professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Ottawa, a Scientist at the Human Health Therapeutics Branch of the National Research Council (Government of Canada), as well as a Banting Fellow (Select group of 22 recipients from all over the world). He developed the line of teas after a serious illness where, due to an antibiotic interaction, his body quit making red blood cells. He consulted with a Naturopath who inspired him to develop a line of teas infused with herbs, which while tasting good also have a positive impact on the functioning of human body. 

DNA Tea is seeking retail partnerships for its products. Benefits of partnering with DNA Tea include:

  • Attractive margins for retailers with preferred pricing,
  • Opportunity to carry an unique, innovative, impactful, premium product line with high percentage of repeat clientele,
  • Carry a completely natural product, aromatic and delectable, blended in Canada, and
  • Eye catching, unique packaging to retain flavour and aroma, while being aesthetically different and attractive.

For retailers interested in getting involved with DNA tea, call 1-888-IDNA-TEA (436-2832) or email: customerservice@DNATea.com. Website: www.DNATea.com. As well, the brand is looking to possibly spin off into a franchise model with its own tea boutiques.