Bold Toronto-Based Jewellery Line 'Musesa' Expands Retail Distribution


By Megan Harman

For Monica Frangulea, the designer behind the Toronto-based fine jewellery line Musesa, jewellery is much more than an accessory. In her view, it’s a dramatic way of making a statement.

(Monica Frangulea) 

(Monica Frangulea) 

“When you have a simple outfit, the moment you add a statement piece, it totally changes the look,” Frangulea says. “It adds glamour.”

Frangulea is an architect from Romania who made her foray into the jewellery business six years ago, with the launch of Musesa. The brand specializes in bold, unique statement pieces, which incorporate precious and semi-precious gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, as well as elements of gold and sterling silver.

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“Our pieces are very bold and very big,” Frangulea says. “Even the smaller pieces are very noticeable.”

Musesa’s line includes a broad array of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The items feature colours ranging from neutral blacks, browns and greys to bold shades such as turquoise, red and purple – including some pieces that incorporate all colours of the rainbow. The pieces range in price from $40 to $600.

Given the bold style of Musesa jewellery, Frangulea says it captures attention when her customers wear it, and leaves a lasting impression. “The most important feature in Musesa jewellery is the design – it’s recognizable,” she says.

The name of the jewellery line – Musesa – stems from the word ‘Muse’. That ties in with the broader inspiration for the line, which lies in ancient Greece and other historical civilizations. Having spent much of her life in Europe, including several years in Greece, Frangulea was inspired by the history-rich Mediterranean surroundings in that part of the world.


Although Frangulea often replicates pieces that she has made using different colours and different stones, and each piece is unique. “You will never find exactly the same piece twice,” she says.

Frangulea’s architectural background comes in handy when creating jewellery, she says. When designing large, heavy statement pieces, in particular, she says it’s important to consider the positioning of each stone and the structure of the piece.

“You need to very carefully control the geometry, and the weight of the material, so it doesn’t lose shape,” Frangulea says. “That’s where my architecture background comes into play.”

Although the jewellery line was originally targeted towards a slightly older clientele, Frangulea says it has appeal among a broad range of customers.

“I was surprised to get a lot of younger clients,” she says. “My customers are millennials all the way to older generations.”

Musesa jewellery is available at four retailers in Toronto: Made You Look on Queen Street West; Luxe Style Boutique and Putti Fine Furnishings Boutique, both on Yonge Street; and Novelle Spa & Salon in the King Edward Hotel on King Street East. Frangulea is actively exploring new retail partners in order to expand distribution for the jewellery line.

Musesa also offers e-commerce sales, which lets the jewellery line cater to customers across Canada and abroad.  “I have clients all over the world,” Frangulea says.

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Megan Harman is a business reporter based in Toronto. She writes about topics including retail, financial services and technology. Megan covers Toronto’s retail industry through her blog Retail Realm ( Follow her on Twitter at @meganmharman.

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